Broken Computer? Worry Not. Here’s How You Can Get It Fixed / Repaired?

There will be times when our computers get broken or have some technical issues. When this unfortunate thing happens, there are several options that you can consider. At first, you may want to fix it yourself. But if you realize that it is not working, don’t lose hope. There are still other options that can help you. In this article, you will be armed with some tips and guides on what you should do if your computer is broken. Without further ado, here’s how to get it fixed.

Don’t Panic

Knowing that your computer gets broken is really scary. Certainly, there are a lot of things that are running to your head because your computer contains some necessary and personal data or information that you may not want to share with other people. Hence, trusting someone to touch your computer is absolutely not an easy decision. In addition, some factors like money and time are also another concern. But the very first thing that you have to do once your computer gets broken is not to panic. You have to be comfortable with the idea of trusting someone else with your computer. But in doing so, it is important to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. 

Ask a Friend

If you know someone who is a technology savvy person, then it is advisable to call him or her. If this someone is a close friend of yours, then you will feel more comfortable and convenient. This is also ideal if the issues are not severe and can be fixed without the use of professional tools and software. Before calling any help from professionals, always remember that your friend is just one call away. 

Call Tech Support

Luckily, if your computer gets broken early in your ownership, then you might be qualified for a free call tech support or at least warranty. Make sure that you still have the receipt of your purchase so you can make sure that you are still entitled to a free technical support. Most of the computer providers offer this kind of service to their customers. So if you don’t want to leave the convenience of your home to get your computer fixed, then calling a technical support from your provider is the ideal thing to do. 

Computer Repair Service

Last but not the least option that you can consider is to hire an independent computer repair service. Certainly, you won’t have a hard time looking for a computer repair service because almost all of the towns and cities have this kind of service. But with a lot of service providers available in the industry, looking for the right, reliable and best computer technician can be daunting and challenging. Hence, it is really helpful to do your research and compare the providers near you so you can choose the right one for you. 

There are several ways on how you can determine and choose the right service provider to repair your computer. First, you can check some of the customers reviews and feedback on the computer repair business websites. Some online blogs will also provide you some recommendations about the best and reliable service provider near you. Secondly, it is important to ensure that the service provider you are dealing with is certified. You certainly don’t want to entrust your computer to someone who doesn’t have the expertise to fix your property. Lastly, it is also important to determine and compare prices of the service providers from the list you are choosing from.

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Transcribing Interviews: Helpful Tips

Recording an interview is the best way to insure accuracy in reporting. There is no other way of recording a conversation, verbatim, no matter how fast you can take notes. Recording an interview insures accurate quotes and information and allows you to pay full attention to the conversation, without being distracted by taking word-for-word notes. Accuracy is reporting is very important — without it, no one can trust that the story is true. Here are some tips for interviewing and transcribing:

Buy a digital voice recorder: Not only are digital recordings higher quality than tape, but you don’t have to worry about running out of tape — the Sony ICD-B600 Voice Recorder has up to 300 hours of recording time. It’s easy to transcribe digital recordings, too, because you never have to leave your computer.

Before interviewing, do a sound check. Place the recorder where it will be during the interview and have the participants talk. Then check the volume and levels of the recording to insure you can understand the playback.

If you are recording a group, ask them to speak at separate times to avoid confusion while transcribing. At the beginning of the interview, have each person state and spell their name, so you can then use their voices to distinguish who is who. When transcribing, use their initials to differentiate their comments.

Try to minimize background noise. Interviews recorded by a busy street or in a crowded restaurant will be much harder to transcribe. Always opt for a quiet place, such as an office or coffee shop.

You can still take notes while recording, which is helpful if you want to describe things visually – the environment, facial expressions, etc.

Before transcribing, decide if you want to transcribe the entire interview, or if you want to paraphrase some of it. Paraphrasing portions can save time while transcribing. For example, “My name is John Smith and I’m a 39-year-old construction worker,” can become John Smith, 39, construction worker.

If you decided to paraphrase, be sure it’s distinguishable from the exact quotes. A quote needs to be put it inside quotation marks. Everything else (paraphrasing) stays normal, or can be italicized – anything to make it different than the quotations. This will help keep things organized when it comes time to write the story. With the following of the helpful tips, the Transcribe Anywhere reviews should be checked through the person. The selection of the legal site should be preferred. All the history of the students should be disclosed to the new ones. There should be no scam involved in the site whose selection is done through the person. 

Dialect may be noted in the transcription, depending on what you are using the interview for. Many times while talking casually, people drop the “g” from “ing”; such as, hangin’ out. You may want to note the dropped “g” or other non-standard forms of speech.

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Zelda Link to the Past Walkthrough – Misery Mire

Level Six is in Misery Mire in the southwest end of the Dark World. Getting there also requires an object you’ll need from the opposite direction.

Return to Death Mountain in the Light World and the Tower of Hera. To the west of the tower is a long bridge – read the stone on the other end with the Book of Mudora to get the Ether Medallion. Remember, you couldn’t get this after finishing the Tower of Hera because you didn’t have Master Sword yet. True, you could have returned at any time after getting the Sword, but did you really want to return to Death Mountain before it was really necessary?

Now return to the Thieves Town in the Dark World. There’s a ruined old house where the Blacksmith’s shop would be, with a chest inside. Carry it with you all the way to the canyon west of the swamp. Teleport back to the Light World in the far west end of the canyon, within the stakes, and you’ll be on top of a hill. On the west end of the hill is another stone that, when read, will give you the Bombos Medallion. (This one isn’t completely necessary to finish the game.) Jump off the hill and head for the sleeping man in the canyon. He will open the chest for you, giving you the fourth Bottle.

Even though you’re right next to the desert, have the duck transport you to the desert. He’ll drop you off on the hillside you need to be. Lift the right stone and step through the gate into Misery Mire.

In the mire, head to the very northeast corner, where there’s a crevasse of dry land. Use the Mirror and you’ll be in a small canyon with a large rock. Under the rock is a cave with a block puzzle and a Heart Piece. Return to the mire, where you’ll see two head-like structures in the northwest end. Inside the left one are two chests surrounded by blocks. Get the Rupees in the right chest fist, then you can get the Heart Piece in the left one. A healing fairy is in the right structure.

Now approach the altar between the two structures. See that symbol that looks like the Ether Medallion? Stand on it and use Ether. The rain will stop and the entrance to Level Six will appear.

After crossing the hole with the Hookshot near the entrance and going down the first flight of stairs, you’ll have the Wizzrobes to deal with. You must take them out with the other monsters (while avoiding the statue’s beams) to open the north door. Now the real maze begins. Starting in the southeast corner, go down the steps and make your way to the door in the northeast corner. Go east from there to find the Stalfos and another statue. There’s a key under one of the skulls, and the one within the spikes has a switch to find another key (use the Magic Cape to avoid the spikes). Open the locked door to the north, avoid the steps you’ll see in the next room and follow the path north and west. In the room with the Wizzrobes and spikes, the northwest corner has another key under the skull and a crystal to change the posts and head south. Using a key and the Cape, head south and east back to the main maze room.

You can now reach the skull on the mesh catwalk and hit the switch to get another key. Open the locked door in the southwest end of the room. The monsters in the next room have another key, then continue east. You must next light the torches to open the north door but watch out for the tiles. Get the Compass then head back south, all the way until you find the stairs up. There are four torches combined in the next two rooms. Push the blocks to reach the torches and quickly light them all. The wall in the east room will then move to reveal a hole in the floor. Jump down the hole to find the Big Key.

The teleporter in the next room will take you to the room with the Big Door, but we’re not ready to open it yet. Return to the maze room and take the eastbound door in the southeast corner. Continue east to the room with the long platform in the middle. You must get on and then cross the platform before it crumbles completely – use the Hookshot on the block to help you. Even at normal speed, you can get across and avoid the eye-beams to reach the Big Chest, which holds the Cane of Somalia. Go west to (finally) get the Map, then return to the room with the Big Door. Go through the teleporter behind it and open the second Big Door you come to, cross the wooden bridge, and go down the stairs.

In the west end of the darkroom, the switch under the skull opens the shutters. It’ll close if you step off of it, but the Cane of Somalia will create a block that can hold it down. Continue south and west to the room with the maze path. Once you clear it, don’t take the west door until you change the crystal in the north end of the room (use the Boomerang or Hookshot). Bomb the north wall in the next room to reach another crystal that will let you continue west. When you reach the lighted room, hit the crystal in the far north end before taking the stairs up. From there, it’s a straightforward path to the boss.

Vitreous will send its many small eyes at you. Hack at them when they approach to destroy them, but keep watch on the big eye – it will occasionally pop out of the muck and shoot lightning. The small eyes shouldn’t be taken lightly, as they cause major damage. Once they’re all gone, the big eye will come charging at you. Hack away until it’s gone leaving you the sixth maiden. 

If you are a Zelda fan then you should definitely check out Fortnite item shop right now where you will not only find tips that you can follow in order to improve your gameplay in Zelda but you will also find plenty of offers that you can avail when it comes to Fortnight skins. 

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Top 5 Welding Helmets 2020

One of the most important and essential gadgets for any welder is their helmet. This is why it is really important that any professional welder pay special attention to the helmet that they choose for their work. As there are tons of welding helmets that are available in the market it is really important that you pay attention to the little details as you choose any welding helmet.

In this article, we will go through some of the best and modern helmets that are there in the market along with their pros and cons that will help you in choosing the best helmet according to your needs.

  • Jackson insight w40 

We are here with Jackson insight w40 review that will help you in understanding what this helmet offers and what are the benefits of choosing this helmet. On one side, you get an amazing and modern helmet that is extremely lightweight that consists of hardhat and a cheater lens. Moreover, this versatile helmet has 4 arc sensors and a large viewing area making this helmet perfect for every welder. Lastly, you get grind mode along with intuitive controls making this helmet perfect for every welder.

On the other side, you might feel slightly cramped as you wear this helmet and the shell of this helmet also feels a bit flimsy to some people.

  • Lincoln 3350 Welding Helmet

Lincoln 3350 Welding Helmet is another really great example of a versatile and functional helmet that comes with natural lense cover and a carry that you can choose for your welding needs. You get a lightweight helmet along with a comfortable headgear and optical clarity that is perfect as you work for longer periods of time. In addition to all this, you also get a 3-year warranty with this resilient and durable welding helmet.

The only drawback of this helmet is that it is not fully waterproof which is why you need to make sure that you handle this helmet carefully as you use it.

  • Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

With Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet you get a welding helmet that comes with a wide lens with 1-1-1-2 optical clarity that gives you great visual clarity. You also get an LED setting screen that you can use to adjust memory settings. This a really comfortable helmet that also comes with a specially designed bag that you can use to carry your helmet around.

On the negative side, the lens on this helmet is quite expensive and the sensor placement is not up to the mark as well.

  • Antra AH6-260 Welding Helmet 

If you are looking for a helmet in your budget then Antra AH6-260 Welding Helmet is a perfect choice for you. You get an affordable helmet with 1-1-1-2 optical clarity and 4/5-9/9-13 shade settings making it suitable for most welders. Moreover, this helmet is durable as well as really lightweight.

On the downside, this helmet is not suitable for industrial use and you only get a 1-year warranty with this product.

  • 3M Speedglas 9100 Welding Helmet

Last on this list, we have 3M Speedglas 9100 Welding Helmet that boasts side windows for proper ventilation along with a comfortable headgear and lightweight body. Moreover, this helmet has TGI capabilities and you get a 3-year warranty with this product as well.

As you get open windows, you are prone to weld burns and there is no option to charge this helmet with solar power as well.

These are the top 5 welder helmets that are there in the market that you can choose from. Keeping in mind their pros and cons you can choose one according to your needs.

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Smoking CBD- Studying the Vaping Form

People have different kinds of vices that they simply cannot or will not forsake for the simple reason that it gives them immense pleasure. They refuse to give up on any of it because it takes them away from their life full of problems and tensions into a world of their own where there is no sorrow, pain or anxiety.

Whether it is alcohol, drugs, women or sex, you name it and they harbor a deep passion for each and every category of the above, with many of them having all four of the problems, which they perceive as enjoyment.

Drug Reference

When it comes to drugs, the issue has increased manifolds as we are into 2020 and every 8 out of 10 individuals who are in college have taken to drugs in a big way as they find it a welcome prospect to escape from their studies due to the stress and pressure it gives.

Cannabis or marijuana is a common example which students use to smoke joints everyday that makes them tension free but it is also true that it has many medicinal properties to its name that its importance cannot be ignored by any means.

CBD oil is an important component whose main ingredients are extracted from cannabis plants in the tropical and hilly areas, which is why you can safely consume them without fear of any side effects whatsoever.


CBD oil has been analyzed and discussed to death by doctors and scientists since its inception so we will not go much into it. Today, we shall talk something different that is a core part of joint smoking called vaping.

It is nothing but a technical term used for electronic cigarettes where you can smoke joints and tobacco without actually burning any substance. They have a faint resemblance to tobacco cigarettes but can also be smoked through a pipe.

E-cigarettes are the preferred form of smoking as they contain little nicotine but with different flavors where metals and toxicants are few and far between. What is unique in this regard is that regular marijuana smokers are less likely to fall prey to muscle pain or cancer.

However, it does not mean that it is devoid of harmful chemicals and while people, especially youngsters, prefer vaping, it has its own repercussions that need to be looked into.

Risk Factor

It carries huge risks because it is not regulated by the authorities, which is the driving force that pushes youngsters into this path but there is an alarming fact here and it is not that thousands of people are falling ill by smoking but because there is no product or ingredient that can be pin pointed as being the cause.

Cannabis that is not licensed is illegal to be sold in open market and therefore they are not tested for the high quantity of THC found in it. Even FDA has not able to differentiate between vaping and CBD and allowed it to be sold in high numbers.

For more information, you can log onto https://thecannabisradar.com/ about the list of medicines and drugs, prescribed and non prescribed for use to get more details about vaping products as a whole.

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Marketing With Unusual Promotional Items

Promotional items are a great method for marketing your organization or business, but unusual items of this type can be even more effective in some situations. Many people already possess a number of promotional pens, hats, t-shirts, mini flashlights, and other commonly distributed items. It is less likely that customers will already own unusual items of this type, thus making them more memorable and less likely to be lost or discarded. Read on for a few ideas you might consider when selecting the most appropriate unusual promotional items for marketing your business…

A few different promotional item dealers offer branded plastic squirt guns. For example, usimprints.com sells them for $0.83-$1.12/each (depending upon the quantity purchased) in red or blue colors. Using these promotional items to market your business has some advantages; they are not disposable, and they don’t require any sort of refill or batteries to keep functioning. A store which already sells squirt guns from another brand name might include these as an extra bonus, as the purchase confirms that the customer is interested in using them. SEO Expert will provide benefits to the business with good rankings at the search engines. There can be use of unusual promotional items for the workers that will be provided to enhance the productivity. 

Another unusual promotional item, which is multi-functional and somewhat less expensive, is the combination tape measure, level, and keychain. These are offered by usimprints.com for $0.58/each and promopeddler.com for $1.62-1.71. Motivators.com sells a branded level with a keychain (no tape measure) for $2.46-2.82. Promotional yardsticks, tool boxes, screwdrivers, and other tools are also available for purchase. These make good promotional items for marketing a hardware, building supply, or home improvement store.

A more expensive unusual branded item is a computer mouse. The website usimprints.com offers a variety of these, including optical and wireless units. Motivators.com and promopeddler.com sell promotional wired PS/2 mice. An advantage to PS/2 computer mice is that they are compatible with more computers. These items would be great for marketing many types of businesses and organizations, but might be especially effective if included for free with purchases at a retailer which sells computers. Promotional mousepads are also available, but are less unusual and unlikely to be used by people who already have a mousepad.

Finally, another possibility is promotional bottled spring water, sometimes referred to as “private label” or “custom” spring water. One distributor of such products, mineralsprings.com, offers sizes ranging from 8-12 ounces. These can be easily sold in a convenience store or vending machine, making them easy to distribute in some types of businesses. They have slightly improved marketing value in states with bottle redemption laws, but promote the business for a relatively short period of time unless customers decide to reuse them for carrying tap water.

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The Best Way to Water a New Lawn

You’ll never get to enjoy your lawn or mow your grass if you don’t correctly water it while it’s young. New lawns are like babies. They need lots of tender loving care. You need to keep pouring water on them to allow a strong root system to form. Watering correctly is just as important as giving them water. Keeping traffic off of the new lawn until the grass mature is vital to establishing a healthy stand of grass.

Grass roots need to form in two distinct directions. They need to be able to spread out and to go down deep. Light watering will work for the first type of roots, but you need to water for extended periods of time for the moisture to soften the soil so that deeper roots can form. A healthy yard needs roots that penetrate six or more inches deep. If you only water the lawn for 30 or 45 minutes in a given area, the water will probably not get beyond 2 inches deep. Continual repeated watering is needed for deep penetration. If you have a commercial water purification system, the process will be much easier.

On a new lawn, you need to water about 1 hour in each location and repeat this everyday that it doesn’t rain for the first two weeks that a new lawn is forming. The cumulative effect will be to have water sink below the root line of the lawn. If you go cheap here on water, your lawn will fade away in mid-summer and come back next spring with gaps and weeds. When this happens, you get into the tricky business of having to over seed and re-seed your lawn. Water is an investment in a permanent and beautiful lawn for years to come. Take caution if the weather is too cool for good germination of the seeds, and don’t over water so much as to cause erosion or washing the seed away.

As soon as the grass has reached about 3 to 4 inches in height, skip watering for about a day so that the soil will firm up enough for mowing. You will need to do this each week for a few weeks to give you lawn nice well-cut look. After you have mowed your new lawn two or three times, you can back off of the water to about one got shot per week. In exceptionally dry conditions, more watering may still be needed. If you get an inch or more of rain that week, you may not have to water depending on your specific climate. With sod, your watering needs will be similar because deep watering is still needed to allow the roots to penetrate the soil beneath the sod. After two weeks or so, sod can be used in the same way as a mature lawn.

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Great Christmas Gifts for Knife Collectors

Excalibur Brothers have the most incredible Christmas gifts for knife collectors. Offering fantasy knives, movie replicas, bowie knives and everything in between, Excalibur Brothers is an indispensable resource for gifts. Right now Excalibur Brothers have a gorgeous silver CSA Belt Buckle knife for under $20.00.In fact throughout the site, in various styles, quite a good number of their beautiful collector’s knives have been marked down to under $20. The Dual Blade Pirate Folder pocketknife is a visual masterpiece, with intricate carving offering a Davey Jones type pirate in the center of two stunning blades. This piece was only $21.95, a really fantastic price. The Excalibur Brothers website has a clean uncluttered appearance and was very easy to use. I addition to the usual host of credit cards, I noticed that Excalibur Brothers accepts PayPal, and E-check, which is a nice perk.

Although you get a wide range of knives there which makes it really confusing for you. This is where Knifedge is going to help you with excellent recommendations and ratings that will help you in choosing the very best gift for your knife collector friend.

Circle KB is offering a gorgeous Battle Of Gettysburg Knife Set collectible, for $19.00 which includes a beautiful wooden case imprinted with a color picture of the battle of Gettysburg. The knife is a 7inch folder with a 3-inch blade, with a beautifully printed handle. The Bradford Exchange has a very nice John Wayne collectible Knife Replica for $39.95, which will impress fans and collectors alike. Another knife of note at The Bradford Exchange is the Heroes of The Streets Police Tribute Knife Replica, for $39.95

One of the most practical gifts a knife collector could receive this Christmas would be a display case. I really loved the cases at USA Display because they had sturdy, attractive wall mount or tabletop display cases beginning at $19.95.I confess that I fell absolutely in love with their Old World Rosewood Display Case. As the name implies, the chest is made from solid rosewood, as opposed to veneer, which is uncommon and has lovely brass metal workings. 3 drawers organize, protect and display a nice quantity of knives, making this stunning chest an ideal gift for the longtime collector. There are many books available for knife collectors, and books exploring this historically rich subject would make an excellent Christmas gift. The Official Price Guide To Collector knives 15th Edition by C. Houston Price and Mark D. Zalesky, available from knife world for $21.95 is an excellent book, with many hundreds of photographs to complement the script. Pocket Knives Of The United States Military by Michael W Silvey is an excellent choice as well. Available from Knife World for $24.95, this book covers U.S. Navy Rope Knives, OSS and CIA folders, and many more.

I found some fantastic Christmas gifts for knife collectors on Cafe Press. Their I Like Big Knives coffee mug is a sure hit and is only $18.Their Amusing Got Knives? shirts are available for $22 and are definitely eye catching.Zazzle.com has a terrific mug which says Authentic Knife Collector One Hundred Percent in a large variety of styles beginning at $16.65. I also found a humorous Do Not Feed The Knife Collectors print, which can be customized to the media of your choice.

A one-year membership to the Knife Collectors Club is a thoughtful gift, which fits any budget. A one-year membership is only $10 and offers the knife collector in your life opportunities to purchase limited quantity and unusual knives. A Membership to the Case collectors club is $150 and offers a subscription to Case Collectors magazine, the Case Collectors catalog, a tour through the factory and many more benefits.

From the fun gifts at Zazzle to the incredulous craftsmanship at Excalibur Brothers, I hope that this will help you find the perfect Christmas gift for the knife collector in your life and that perhaps you will even begin to explore the joys and rewards of knife collecting yourself.

4 Important Things That You Need to Know Before Investing in Bitcoin

If you are interested in entering the realm of cryptocurrency and you consider Bitcoin as the best vehicle, you are in the right place. This article will provide you with some of the basic things that you need to know about Bitcoin before actually investing into it. Bitcoin can be quite hard and complicated to understand if you are not armed with the right facts and information. Hence, preparation is always needed and crucial before investing. So before investing in Bitcoin, here are the things that you need to know and understand. 

Decentralized Currency

Unlike traditional currency such as Japanese Yen or US dollar that is being regulated by the central government, Bitcoin goes through a decentralized system. This means that there is no third party that controls or regulates it. And since this is a decentralized system, users have no worry that the government or any financial institution will seize their cryptocurrency. Also, you get to avoid paying for high rates of taxes and whenever you make a transaction, no banks will ask for a transaction fees or service fees. 


Since Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, you are unable to touch any physical form of it. People can also exchange Bitcoin over the internet you can even track it through the help of blockchain technology. Also, unlike traditional transactions, when making a transaction in Bitcoin, you are not required to provide your personal information. By just using your Bitcoin wallet, you can now freely make online transactions and purchase anything from different parts of the world. This perhaps is one of the best things about cryptocurrency in general. It is strongly protected against hackers. The Bitcoin revolution is indeed a modern system.

High Volatility

Another important thing that you need to know about Bitcoin is that it is unstable and unpredictable. While Bitcoin is highly unpredictable, a lot of people are still using it as an investment instrument. This is because despite its  volatility and risk, the return, considering you have effective and sound strategies is ultimately the best. But as recommended by the experts, you must be able to put resources into the measure of cash you can stand to lose to have limitations on your misfortunes later on. In relation, you must be able to set yourself up to set a reasonable benefit target when making an investment. 

Diversifying your investment is recommended

When investing in cryptocurrencies, it is advisable to diversify your investment. Yes, Bitcoin is highly popular and a lot of people consider it as a go to vehicle, but it is still important that you invest in other cryptocurrencies so you can spread the risks and at the same time control the volatility even in simple ways. You should not just put all of your resources into one basket, but it is clever to invest in other cryptocurrencies as well so you can minimize risk and at the same time increase the chances of getting profit. 

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Sea Kayak Rescue: Coast Guard Helicopter And Rescue Swimmer

Hi, sea kayakers, welcome to Sea Kayaking Dot Net’s fence post navigation series, where sea kayakers around the world can read and listen to tips, tools, and pointers useful for sea kayaking, surf skiing, and kayak fishing.

Today Sea Kayaking Dot Net presents part of its interview with Derrick Breton, a Coast Guard rescue swimmer who with a helicopter crew pulled New England sea kayakers John Raleigh and Keith Attenborough out of rough seas and bad weather off Ipswich Bay, on the northeastern coast of Massachusetts.

John and Keith summoned rescue with VHF radios and flares after capsizing several times and losing one of their sea kayaks to storm conditions that quickly proved overwhelming.

Dressed in drysuits, wearing neoprene hoods and gloves, John and Keith waited about an hour for a helicopter rescue. Two 42-foot Coast Guard motorized lifeboats were also on scene, sent to Ipswich Bay after rescue by Coast Guard zodiac-style surfboats proved impossible. Conditions were too rough at the mouths of the two nearby tidal rivers the surfboats would have had to negotiate from the Coast Guard stations at nearby Gloucester and Newburyport.

Derrick Bretton, the Coast Guard rescue swimmer, was lowered into the water by wire hoist. Derrick was wearing a rescue drysuit, fins, mask, and snorkel, and was lowered to the water from the flight deck of the Coast Guard helicopter crewed by pilot, co-pilot and flight mechanic. What made this rescue was the sheer effort of all the rescue teams along with the right gear that they had. With the help of one piece swimsuits that were specially designed for such conditions, it made it easier for them to successfully carry out their task.

During part one of our six-part interview, Derrick discusses some of his duties as a rescue swimmer before going into the details of this particular rescue. A native of Greeley California, outside Yosemite, Derrick, 33, flew with his helicopter crew to Ipswich Bay from Air Station Cape Cod in Falmouth, about eighty miles from Ipswich. In part one of our interview, he sheds light on how helicopter rescues are initiated, the conditions he encountered, and what was going through his mind that day as he prepared to enter the water.

Also known as an aviation survival technician, or AST, when I interviewed Derrick he was fresh off a helicopter rescue of New England sea kayakers John Raleigh and Keith Attenborough, two ACE-certified sea kayaking instructors who found themselves overcome by heavy seas, breaking waves and turbulent conditions off Plum Island, Massachusetts, an area of vast shoals and relative remoteness off the northeast coast of Massachusetts.

Paddling fully equipped sea kayaks, carrying VHF radios and wearing Gore-Tex drysuits, as well as carrying nearly a dozen flares, John and Keith headed out into challenging conditions on a recent spring day to brush up on rough water skills. After capsizing and rolling repeatedly, they eventually ended up in the water and lost one of their boats to the wind and breaking seas. Clinging to the hull of the one remaining boat, they issued a Mayday call on VHF radio channel 16, setting in motion a series of events that eventually led to their being hoisted from the sea, flown to a nearby airfield, and transported to a nearby hospital where they were treated for minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

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Match-fixing in Cricket; Knock-out Blow Across the Spectrum of Society

Cricket was always considered a gentleman’s game, played in the right spirit and proper attire. Okay, there were few aberrations in the past, like in what is referred to as the body-line series, targeting the body than the stumps to get the batsman out! That was more to curb the greatest batsman of all time Don Bradman, who was at his rampant best! But generally, the game was to be enjoyed with family in tow for over five days, with even a rest day thrown-in! They were days before the instant-fixes that the game has been turned into! Obviously, this has attracted the jackals on prowl, looking for easy prey!

Though cricket originated in England with the Ashes series considered crème-la-crème in test cricket played between England  amp; Australia, the sub-continent is where the passions have to be seen to be believed! When India amp; Pakistan play, it is more than a game that is at stake, like more than the sum of all parts! Also Sri Lanka, with a smaller population, is able to hold their turf against the best now. Add to these, Bangla Desh, a recent entrant, trying to square with the rest. So the following is over a billion people, willing their heroes, and some able to rise above the rest  amp; winning games single-handedly, even!

Soccer has following across the globe, but has managed to be free from match-fixing allegations. Maybe, it is better organized, with checks  amp; balances, and top players well rewarded. But in cricket, the match-fixers are able to net those even, who were thought to be infallible like former South African captain, Hansie Cronje, and couple of top Australian cricketers, who were guilty of minor infringements.

The ongoing row would shake the very foundation of faith  amp; hope on their heroes. That even the captain amp; top few players of Pakistan are under scrutiny is too much to stomach. Also, they were willing to collude with run of the mill bookies for easy money could be a knock-out blow to the ordinary souls that used to get their fixes by fixating their lives on their heroes’ exploits! They would be prepared to accept repeated failures, hoping them to be future stepping stones to success, but the news of match-fixing would have blown away the safety valve from their daily humdrum, harsh lives!

The power of money in sports is killing the hen which lays the golden eggs. Earlier times, top players lived ordinary lives, were paid a pittance, but still played their hearts out for their countries! Now, the players are feted, assured of great rewards, with other avenues to make money from product endorsements etc. Their lives have become glamorous, moving with high society; taking them to the stratosphere, but also lifting them off the ground realities! Also, some top players live it up, especially in India, and the natural urge to catch-up with the best, with savvy fixers on the prowl, would net easy preys.

The poor man in the street is shell-shocked, having been snatched the cup that gives him the wherewithal to weather his life! Even those with occasional interest, cannot make any sense of the lows that the game has hit, with wild accusations flying around, with Pakistan cricket chief, accusing England of similar crimes! It is difficult to separate fact from fiction because ipl 2020 schedule pdf download is now available for free and the dates and reason for which the matches have been postponed are shown in the reports given along with the pdf on the website and portals of ipl sponsors and they will be giving discount to first thousand customers , with the beautiful game of cricket hijacked away from the spectators who lived their life around this sport  amp; now brought down with a thud!

How to fix the match-fixing issue is crucial to bring back some semblance of sanity to the game  amp; the followers! There is no doubt the ills of society is reflected in this sordid episode, with accusations flying high  amp; low; all are guilty is the rhyme to deflect blame from real culprits! As stones are thrown from every direction, the humble cricket fan is caught in between! Money cannot buy happiness, but can be the root of all evil! Sadly, the whole issue has degenerated to mud-slinging, the real action outside the grounds! We need sane heads  amp; united action, without raised passions, to curb this cancer from delivering the mortal blow to this beautiful game, referred to, ironically, as the gentleman’s game!

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Improve Your Gameplay: DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is one of the most popular games these days, with millions of players competing in this game on a daily basis. However, the veteran players always have an edge over newbies because of the level and experience. This is where you will find that using dota 2 mmr boost can significantly lower this gap. However, once you are at a certain level, you might have to start investing your time in the game.

As you prepare yourself for this intense game where you fight with other players here are the best tips that you can follow in order to improve your gameplay.

  1. One of the most important aspects of this game is that you pay attention to the place where you ward and what location will give you strategic advantage against your opponent. For that, all you need is some experience in the game and you will be able to decide the best location in the game.
    Placing the ward at certain locations will also help you in making the best out of your strategy and is going to support your players as well with their battles and with item collection.
    There are basically four spots that you where you can place your ward effectively.
    There are orange spots that you can use in order to effectively block creek camps in the game, while red spots are effective in providing you rune vision. Purple spots are the most common spots that are used for practice, and lastly, green spots are useful with base vision as you move to higher ground.
    Positioning these ward effectively will help you in playing the game aggressively or defensively whatever suits your fighting style.
  2. The main difference between noobs and professional players is that they have the knowledge of their opponent’s moves and items and they plan their future strategies accordingly. This give them a clear edge over their opponents and help them in winning the game.
    This implies that you should also learn about all the moves that are there in the game which will help you in predicting the movement and action of your opponent. This will ultimately help you in planning your counter attack and outsmart your opponents in the game.
  3. Runes are often ignored by most of the players, but with the latest update you should be checking out runes as much as you can. There are quick runes that are spawned after every 2 minutes and you should use that to your advantage only. Conquering these runes will help you in gaining special powers and will help you with your battle as you get power-ups and special boosts.
  4. As you are done with the collection of the item in your game, make sure that you keep the items that you will be using in the game while discarding all the other items that are of no use to you. Or else you can use them in that very instance if possible. It is a really good idea that you keep some space in your inventory so that you can store much better items.
  5. DOTA 2 is all about teamwork which is why it is recommended that you always communicate with your team members and pay attention to their activities as well. If you plan on attacking your opponent make sure that you have the very best battle plan. Moreover, you should try to attack your opponent alone no matter what powerups you have. Planning your attack with your team members will always give you the best results.
  6. As you play the game make sure that you gather as many items you can and level up your player accordingly. If you are in a situation where a battle is inevitable then you should plan it according to the hero you have so that you can maximize the damage and help your team as much as you can.
  7. Timing of your team fighting is also really important as you need all the members of your team are responsible for the victory. Make sure that you coordinate with your team members effectively and emerge victorious from your battle.
  8. Lastly, it is also important that you take care of the stats of your core hero. As there are stats that need time to regenerate and there are attacks that have cooldown time. Keeping an eye on all this will help you with the utilization of your hero effectively.

These are some of the best tips that you need to follow in order to improve your gameplay as you play DOTA 2 with your friends or with random online players.

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Is Phone Insurance Really Worth It?

If you’ve ever purchased a cellular phone, there’s a good chance you’ve also purchased phone insurance. This is a standard option when you buy a phone, and you might think it’s a good idea. After all, you may be spending several hundred dollars on a phone that might end up in the toilet, and if it does, you’re out several hundred dollars. Furthermore, many companies only allow you to purchase insurance within a few days of purchasing the phone. This makes for a tough decision: Do we opt-out or do we fork over several bucks a month in case of an accident? Well, if you’re looking to be smart in the long run, the choice is simple.

Phone insurance is a lot like car insurance; A more expensive car will cost more to insure, as will a more expensive phone. However, phones are similar to cars in another way, they depreciate. Your new phone will lose value once it’s not a new phone anymore. This is what many people don’t realize in the months after they purchase a new phone, and over time, the insurance on what was a new phone can become a very bad deal. And if you are still unsure, there is a blog for those weighing their options for life insurance and phone insurance that you can check out to learn all about the benefits of getting your phone insured and how you can get the lowest premium on your phone. 

Back in 2019, I needed a new phone that could send picture messages. I ended up with a Samsung T509, which was probably worth around a hundred bucks. When I got my phone, I let the salesperson convince me to get it insured, and At $5.99 a month, it seemed like a modest deal. So I bought insurance. Then the big day came. I was trying to get in shape and I dropped a weight on my phone and cracked the whole screen in half. I never thought it would happen. No problem! I called up Asurion and filed a claim. No problem for them either, I simply pay the $50 deductible and a brand new phone is in the mail within days.

But let’s think about this for a second. My phone was worth a hundred dollars, and I paid half the cost as a deductible. Well, that alone might have been a good deal, but the problem was that I had my phone for over a year. At $5.99 a month for 12 months, it costs $71.88 to insure a $100 phone for 12 months. When you add in the deductible, you’ll see that I paid $121.88 for a new phone. Does this make sense? Not at all. It only makes sense if you break your phone, on average, once every 8 months or more.

Let’s go a step further. I am content with my phone and plan to have this model for a long time. Today, however, you might be able to pick up a Samsung T509 for less than 40 bucks. This means that insurance would be a ridiculous investment. The only time insurance would be a good investment is when you are constantly buying an expensive new phone every year and are very clumsy.

So what’s the big deal with phone insurance anyways? Aren’t phones an important part of our life that we need to protect? Well, yes, but here is the difference: When we get into a car accident or fall down a flight of stairs, we can’t really afford to just buy a new car or pay for our broken bones, that’s usually beyond our means. Most phones, on the other hand, are just not expensive enough to make them worth taking out an insurance policy. No phone is so expensive that we can’t go out and buy another one if we need to. Perhaps instead of purchasing insurance, we should make a piggy bank and collect the money we would otherwise have foolishly squandered.

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Five Benefits Of CBD Oil You Should Know

Cannabidiol is one of the widely known natural cures used for various ailments. The substance is one of the molecules from the cannabinoid family found in cannabis plant or marijuana. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the prime cannabinoid found in cannabis plant which creates psychoactive sensation that makes you high. It is often associated with marijuana. However, CBD is not psychoactive and does not make you high. It is this quality which makes CBD the most appealing option for many who are trying hard to get rid of pain and anxiety. CBD oil is usually made by extracting the CBD from cannabis plant. It is gradually becoming popular and significant due to its therapeutic benefits, especially through the vape mods circulating all over market. Here are the five benefits of CBD oil that can prove to be beneficial for human health.

  1. Natural Pain Relief: Marijuana was used to heal pain since as early as 2900 BCE. Scientists have found some components of marijuana such as CBD can be used as a natural remedy for pain. In fact, this non-psychoactive compound of marijuana can treat chronic pain as well.

Human body has a particular kind of system named endocannabinoid system which regulates pain, appetite, sleep et cetera. The endocannabinoids produced by human body are technically termed as neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are bound to cannabinoid receptors in human nervous system. Study reports have shown that CBD oil can help reducing chronic pain by making an impact upon endocannabinoid receptor activity. Various studies on human activities have shown that the combination of CBD and THC can effectively treat pain related to sclerosis and arthritis.

  1. Help in Quitting Cigarettes and Drugs: There are certain study reports which corroborate with the fact that CBD oil can help in quitting cigarettes and drugs. It has been shown that those who used to smoke daily tried shifting to vaping CBD oils which helped in reducing the urge of smoking among them. Researchers have also pointed out that CBD can reduce anxiety, pain and insomnia.
  2. Can Reduce Cancer Related Symptoms: CBD can also help in reducing cancer related symptoms and various side effects of cancer treatment like nausea, pain, vomiting et cetera. Chemotherapy usually leads to nausea and vomiting. In many cases, the drugs which are used to treat these do not lead to good results. This led many people to seek an alternative in CBD.
  3. Anxiety Disorder: Doctors usually advise those having anxiety disorders to avoid marijuana as that can aggravate the feelings of anxiousness and depression. CBD oil can reduce anxiety based actions in people with various conditions such as –
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • General anxiety

  1. Treating Acne: CBD can also be used for treating acne. This condition is usually caused by inflammation and excessively worked sebaceous glands in body. CBD can also become an important future treatment for Acne Vulgaris which is the most common form of acne.

Apart from these, CBD oil can help people having schizophrenia or other mental disorders. Experiments on animals have proved that CBD can help treating tumors as well. The treatment of CBD over a diabetic mouse subject has also proved to be satisfactory as it reduced the form of diabetes by 56%. Thus CBD can be said to be the wonder drug which assures excellent advantages for human health.

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Pros and Cons of Dieting Competition Reality Shows

Dance You’re A** Off… Celebrity Fit Club… Money Hungry… All of these are reality shows targeted at people who hope to lose weight. These programs are quite different from one another. But in each one, the results remain the same. Lose weight; win a big prize. Those who are battling the bulge may find these kinds of reality shows to be very helpful.

But reality programs in general usually present all kinds of challenges. Are diet competition shows really as helpful to the obese as they would have the world believe? Gaining recognition and/or a hefty (bad pun intended) monetary prize doesn’t seem like a bad deal in exchange for losing unwanted pounds. There are indeed some definite pros and cons to participating in this type of reality show. This is why it is really important that you pay attention to your body at an early stage. Moreover, there are several options like CoolSculpting Arms & Skin Care in New Jersey that you can try to get in shape. These weight loss methods are completely safe and affordable and you can freeze fat of your body with that.

Power in Numbers

Pro- The camaraderie experienced on these reality shows is priceless. Living in a huge mansion with a group of people who all have the same weight loss goals can be quite rewarding. The competition itself helps participants stay focused and motivated.

Con – What happens after the show is over is an entirely different story. Some participants (whether they have won the competition or not) end up gaining the weight back after they return home. Once the adrenaline rush created by the cameras subsides, it can be very easy to slip back into old habits.

Encouraging Results

Pro- Since these reality shows are designed (with the aid of nutritionists and other medical specialists) to help people lose weight, the results are usually pretty fantastic. The competitions are filled with safeguards that help keep the reality show’s stars in check (while keeping the world entertained.) It’s much harder to cheat and sneak snacks when the cameras are rolling 24 hours a day.

Con — Some might agree that attaching a monetary reward to weight loss is sublime motivation. But others feel that weight loss goals should be born of a desire to remain healthy. Money is very easily spent; once the money is gone will the reality show participants still feel just as motivated to continue on with their new dietary and exercise regimens?

Help for the Masses

Pro- In a society where the overweight is often overlooked, reality shows focused on nutrition and weight loss are a welcome switch. Those watching at home are often encouraged by the shows to begin their own personal dietary challenge.

Con – But it is very easy to forget that reality shows are still deemed “entertainment.” This means that the editing process doesn’t always reveal the participants’ true struggles behind the scenes. Additionally, these reality shows often employ extreme measures to get the weight off within a certain period of time. Obviously, it is quite possible to lose a substantial amount of weight with an eight-week period. But this particular weight loss goal may not be right for the average consumer. Furthermore, dealing with the individual causes of obesity (on TV and in real life) is sometimes overlooked in favor of a “quick fix.” Reality shows do a great job of dressing up the process of losing weight. But in real life, some may find that the reward for doing so is a lot more enticing in TV Land.

Accommodation Options At Parc Esta Condo

Parc Esta Condo is one of the best condominium in the city of Singapore. Singapore is a fast moving and well developed city. That makes it one of the best and most attractive city to stay in the country of Malaysia. People from all over the world arrive at Singapore for work and travel purposes which makes it an absolute hotspot in the South East Asian region. The availability of housing in Singapore is not very difficult, but can be really expensive if you consider getting yourself an apartment or a private house. Living in a condo is a more affordable and convenient option for a lot of people in this city. That is why the Parc Esta condo is so much popular. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss about the units that are available in the condominium.

Unit Layout of Parc Esta Condo

In the Parc Esta condo, there are a total of 3 units that are available for sale to the people. All the units have their own set of features and facilities which makes it easier for you to decide which one to buy according to your budget. Take a look at the 4 different layout of the condominium –

1 Bedroom + Study – the most affordable and smallest unit of all the ones that are available is the 1 Bedroom + Study option. This unit is preferable for bachelor or those who do not have the fantasy to live in a huge space. It is also good for a couple who can adjust to this space. The main door of this unit opens to the kitchenette and is along the wall just before the living room. Due to the size of the layout, it is difficult to bring out new variation the design of this unit. So almost all of them are the same to look at. You will find a c-shaped kitchen instead of a traditional one placed just along the unit wall. Thanks to this layout, it helps to improve the productivity that the kitchen offers to the people. For those who are in budget, and cannot afford to spend a lot of money on maintaining their house, this layout is the best option that they have now.

2 Bedroom + Study – the two bedrooms + study condo in the Parc Esta is the most popular and in demand layout. The bedrooms are placed side-by-side and has a conventional layout. The variation is made in the placement of the study room. In some of the layouts, the study room is between two bedrooms, whereas in some of the other layouts, the study room is directly opposite the two bedrooms of the unit. All these variations help the buyers to choose the right one that suits your needs the best. Additional features in the condo unit includes private foyer and the inclusion of an enclosed kitchen. Just because of the flexibility in the design of the layouts, this unit remains to be the most popular, as we already mentioned in the beginning. Whether you are a bachelor, have a family or want to use it for professional use, this 2 Bedroom + Study condo style of layout is suitable for everyone.

4 Bedroom Premium – if you want to live in style and do not want to compromise on the luxury and convenience of a big unit, the 4 Bedroom Premium unit is the best of them all. This premium unit has just been up for sale from October 2019. This 4 bedroom premium condo is for those who have a significant budget and want to lead the rest of their lives in extravagant comfort and facilities. Not many people can afford to invest in this condo, because it is expensive. A lot of people might be skeptical about purchasing a condo with 4 bedrooms and think it to be a waste of money, but the sheer advantage of the size helps you in the long run. The average cost of maintenance of the condo is anywhere between $200 – $240 every month. The layout of the unit is pretty standard with all the bedrooms have been placed side by side, along with a common corridor as well. The kitchen and storeroom also helps to add more depth of space in the layout. If budget is not a factor, then you can surely get this unit.

So, these are the different units that are available in the Parc Esta condo. Make sure to go through them and decide which one suits your need the best. Check out the details that we have provided and have a look at the best option. We hope you have a great time living and accommodating yourself in the Parc Esta condo in Singapore.

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Top 4 Tips To Find Optimal Music Sites For Enjoying Unlimited Music Downloads

Music is undoubtedly something which is helpful for you to have quality time for yourself. Listening to your preferred music is helpful for you as it can assist you in having a good mood. Also, downloading music is not a new thing; it has been done for a long time to enjoy your favorite music over the internet. Millions of sites can be seen over the internet, which offers users different offers and benefits. But the newly updated sites ask some money to download and enjoy your unlimited music, which is an entirely new thing. But also the convenience offered by these sites is undoubtedly something which is trending in between the music lovers.  Here are some tips about how you can find optimal music sites for enjoying unlimited music and in addition, download unlimited music.

Four optimal tips for downloading unlimited music

Lifetime membership cost:

it is essential to know the lifetime membership cost that the site is going to charge from you. Over the internet, you can discover thousands of websites that offer you unlimited access to the internet by merely providing a monthly or yearly subscription for unlimited access to the internet. It is beneficial for you to have these premium memberships of these music sites as you can surely access to your preferred music anytime. These websites are provided to you for lesser than $38, which can help you to get the better benefits of the site, so avoid paying any additional cost for other websites.

Different kinds of media files:

you must look for the different optimal types of media files. You must get to access the optimal variety of music. MP3 music is probably the best thing which is required for you to enjoy your favorite music. Well, there are several sites that offer you audio and videos so that you get to choose one which helps you to get the best sites that are helpful for you to enjoy all of the music videos along with audio of your preferred music. Also, the video quality of the video present over the site must be high definition quality for better enjoyment.

The broad range in the music genre:

it is necessary to have an in-depth insight into the different types of music sites for better access to the music. You should be going for one which is helpful for you to enjoy a wide range of music as different genres will allow you to have good songs to groove upon. So it is essential to have a better number of music genres within the website you are accessing so that you can enjoy different genres according to your mood. The site you considering for the unlimited access of the music and enjoying downloading unlimited music, then you must ask for the variety for yourself. You should be going all the genres, such as party, chill, romantic, workout, meditation, and many others.

Professional service set up for you:

it is essential for you to know the context of the professional service site when you are paying for it. Generally, different people come up with a different set of opinions. Here we are providing you some suggestions which you can consider for getting websites which are optimal for you. It is a much appropriate option for you to get after services as well as technical support from the online site you are surfing for the listening music. Also, make sure they offer you competent and 24/7 hours services for the better convenience of being a user. Most of the professional sites are user-friendly; these help you to get the best download speed, a better suggestion of the music. It is essential for you to have the better and quality services of these online downloading of unlimited music.

Bonus tips

Well, till now, you must have looked over different optimal tips that will allow you to have the best sites for the downloading of unlimited music. You can also download soundcloud mp3 free from https://www.socialdown.com/sc/soundcloud-downloader/, which enables you to attain all the benefits as mentioned earlier of online music sites. It is essential for you to have better-downloading sites for yourself. Here we are telling you some of the crucial factors which help you to get optimal access to the music.

Compare different music platforms:

it is necessary for you to have the optimal music platforms for enjoying your music through the internet as millions of sites are provided over the internet, which offers you different benefits. There are some sites which provide you with downloading of the unlimited music of different music genres at minimal cost, so you should be getting one that offers you cost-benefit. So simple, it can be said that by comparing the various sites with the number of others will be good for you, and you can quickly get the optimal site where you can enjoy free unlimited downloads.

Free trial:

it is necessary that you get to the optimal site of music, but you can know whether the site is optimal for you or not? For this, you can go for the 30 days of free trials, which is offered by multiple sites of internet sites. It is good for you to check the website all by yourself. Getting free trials will be helpful for you as you would be prior known to the services offered by the sites. So make sure before getting premium membership of any particular site, you get the free trial as you are required to have optimal knowledge of the website.

The bottom line

Within this article, we have looked upon multiple aspects that are helpful for you to understand the essential attributes to look for when seeking for the best music site to enjoy free downloads and unlimited access music of different genres. If you are eager to seek for a good music website, then you can take the points as mentioned earlier into consideration.  Well, all of them are proven and can provide optimal assistance to you.

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All About Chinchillas

The slightly larger ground animal that belongs to the Chinchillidae family is native to the Andes mountains of the alpine regions in South America. Chinchillas live in the altitudes about three thousand feet to fifteen thousand feet above sea level, where the climate is cold and dry. This is what makes the fur thick as it’s provided to them because the mountain winds can be colder and harsher in their habitation of living in rocky mountains. Chinchillas have better furs, they must live in high, dry, and cold climates, and here is a list of chinchilla essential items that you should get for your pet chinchilla. 

The Chinchilla can be described as a silvery gray pelt, with black-tipped hair. Chinchillas have big round ears and eyes with narrow hind feet and long tails with grey and black hairs. Adult males weigh about 500 grams and the female weighs about 600-800 grams. The females produce up to two litters from their offspring. Chinchillas can breed at any time of the year. There are two species of Chinchilla that are similar, the Chinchilla brevicaudata and Chinchilla lanigera, the brevicaudata.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, Chinchilla breeding was born but then back in 1895 an outbreak came and destroyed a Chinchilla litter. However, a Californian mining engineer by the name of Mathias F. Chapman who worked in Chile had a liking to the Chinchilla and purchased one as a pet. This would eventually lead him to trap a herd of Chinchillas and transport them to the United States. About eleven Chinchillas were used for breeding and domestication.

How the Chinchilla helps itself to survive in the wild is jumping and climbing over rocks from predators. However, their main predator is man, that has killed millions of Chinchillas for their pelts to make fur coats. To make one Chinchilla coat you need 120 to 150 pelts. This popular creature has been known to be hunted for their fur for the clothing industry. “They have a fur coat that is a wonderful softness,” says Edmund Bickel. The Chinchillas fur is the softest and highest density of fur than any other land animal. They have about more than fifty hairs from a single follicle. “The Chinchilla is often used as an animal model in researching the auditory system,” says Partner in Research.

Chinchillas have been also useful to the U.S. National Aeronautics and NASA. The animal has a life span of 12 to 20 years. They also are used for the purpose of the study of hearing, due to their response to pure tones and happen to have the same middle-ear anatomy and nervous system connections as humans.

If you’re considering buying a Chinchilla, try to consider checking out the history of Chinchillas and to learn about their origins and habitations. When preparing to buy yourself a Chinchilla be sure you can provide an ideal environment and a cage. Be prepared when you bring your new Chinchilla to your home and give them a comfortable sense of their new environment and a comfortable presence to be able to trust you in order for you to handle them. Chinchillas have a habit of being active and playful animals. If you want to domesticate a Chinchilla, they need a lot of room to play and exercise.

They need a variety of toys to keep them active and it helps to keep their teeth in good condition. When its feeding time, a diet can consist of grass and pellets. Also, include fruits such as apples, grapes, and raisins, and vegetables such as carrots and celery. The Chinchilla digestive system is very sensitive. Also take note that they can have health problems with their eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. They also suffer from digestive problems and heatstroke.

“The good news is that the Chinchilla is not yet completely extinct. And, while we now know how to breed Chinchillas in captivity, the unfortunate truth is that, like so many species, Chinchillas are still virtually on the edge of extinction in the wild. Hopefully, we still have time to save these wonderful creatures and allow them to live unmolested by man” says Colin Campbell Sanborn of the Field Museum of Natural History in an issue of Nature Magazine 1926.

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Ranch House Plan Tips for Choosing Cabinets

Cabinets and are an important feature in many rooms of your ranch style home. They are essential in the kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms, office areas, and craft areas of your home. As well as, any other room you find you need them in. You can go from antique to traditional, and elegant to traditional or functional. The choice is your when you plan your ranch house.

A ranch house does not have a second story, but may have a basement. Most of the time the living, dining and sleeping areas are all on the main level. These houses can be as small or large as you believe will be comfortable for your family. Many times the homes with a basement will have the laundry or utility room on the lower level. Many ranch house owners will also opt to put their office, den, or craft areas in the basement also.

It is also the perfect place to keep chairs that are now old and on the verge of breaking down and can be replaced with newer ones in the market and chairthrone is one such website where you can find the best colors and models in town at an affordable price.

Below are a few tips to handle problems or repairs that may come up with cupboards, cabinets, and countertops in your home.

What to do when the shelf paper won’t come off.

To remove shelf paper that is stuck on, you need to dissolve the adhesive that is on the back. You will need to loosen a corner of the paper and spray very warm water under the shelf paper as you peel it up. Any residue that is left on the shelf can be removed with vegetable oil. If you are going to paint the shelf, make sure you wash it well with soap and water and rinse and dry well before you paint.

How to remedy a cabinet door that will not swing freely.

You can tighten the screws on the hinge to see if that helps. If you find the screw holes have become too large to give the screws a snug fit, you can add a small piece of wood to the screw hole and then replace the screws. This will make a tighter fit. You can also use longer screws in the hinges, providing the cupboard is thick enough to handle a longer length screw. If the screw holes are too badly worn you may want to change the position of the hinges

and fill the old screw holes with putty before you paint or finish the cupboards.

A cabinet door that is stuck or tends to stick.

If the drawer is stuck shut, you will need to take care not to break it. You can work the blade of a thin putty knife between the runner and the drawer. Carefully tap the drawer back in line. This should work and the drawer will pop back into place. Then you are free to remove the drawer and correct the problem that made it stick from the start. Be careful not to overload the drawer, as this can cause a problem and make the drawer stick.

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Do Bankruptcy Advantages Exist?

Filing for bankruptcy might not be as bad as you think. Bankruptcy can actually rid you of your debt and save you a bundle for a small price. So do you want to know how filing for bankruptcy can help you? Well, here’s how.

When most people think of bankruptcy they have the impression that they are screwed and are a failure in life because they have hit rock bottom but in actuality they are setting themselves free of many financial burdens. Think about it, when you file for bankruptcy you are stating that you cannot repay your debt so everything that is yours is repossessed including everything you own and everything you owe. So you can forget about paying back your mortgage, car payments, student loans, credit card debts, and anything else. You are free and clear.

Sounds good? But what’s the catch? Of course you lose everything you own but you don’t have to worry about paying anything back. The thing that people fear the most is their FICA score dropping to a massive low and having the notice of bankruptcy on your credit report for 7 years. The real question is so why should you care so much for something that changes all the time and in time you can always fix? When you file for bankruptcy you have 7 years to bring yourself back up to where you were and by the end of that 7 year wait you would have enough money saved up for a down payment for your new home and your credit report would be free of bankruptcy and best of all, you are free of all your past debts.

Does this really work? I would think so because someone that my parents know did the exact same thing. This guy owned his own business and decided to file for bankruptcy so he decided to cash out on the opportunity. How you say? He bought as much stuff as he could and sold them for the fraction of their cost because he wouldn’t have to pay for anything plus he gets to pocket some money so he was totally double dipping the system. But remember, this method isn’t for everyone because things will be rough in the beginning. I don’t know about you but I really wouldn’t want to tarnish my credit score but for some people who wouldn’t mind because they’re going to use their spouse’s or someone else’s credit score to obtain a loan then they wouldn’t need to consider having good credit but the other person would really have to trust you to let you use their name. You have to be wise and careful in this kind of situation. You should take advice from a reliable lawyer like bankruptcy attorney san diego so that you will know exactly what to do. Their expertise and knowledge are very much helpful for you.

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Adobe Photoshop: The Positive and the Negative

Nowadays, editing a photograph has become easier and simpler. Thanks to the creation of Adobe Photoshop for being the go to program of people who want to edit images or videos. In this article, we are going through the pros and cons of this amazing software so you will have an idea about its benefits and disadvantages. 


Photo Manipulation and Correction

One of the most popular benefits of using Photoshop is that you can create a brand new world from something. Photoshop is a tool that allows you to adjust the exposure, superimpose and adjustments necessary to create a new image or picture that you want. It also allows you to wash out even specific colors in order to make unique visual effects. 

Array of Design Tools

Adobe Photoshop also provides you wide variety of design tools that you can use both for mobile and web responsiveness. If you are a beginner, you won’t have a hard time learning how to use it because of its user-friendly interface. With the wide variety of tools available, you have the freedom to unleash your creativity and create an amazing output.

Edit more than just photographs with PS

Another benefit of using Adobe Photoshop is that you can also edit videos as easy as editing photographs. The tool is designed effectively so users can easily and quickly patch and move. In addition, you will have a lot more values with the program if you add in complimentary mobile apps. 

Control over the creative process through integrated stock library

Lastly, another important and helpful benefits of using Adobe Photoshop is that it helps you create the perfect picture or video that you want through its integrated stock library. With this, you no longer have to spend hours trying to hunt down pictures that are not going to cost you a fortune to use. Moreover, such library is synced via PS. This allows you to quickly move from task to task so that you can save your time and focus more on the work itself.


Overwhelming interface

While the interface of the program is user friendly, some users find it challenging to learn how to use the tool because of the new updates. Some users are having a hard time with the learning curve of the program. Hence,  it is advisable to give yourself some quite time to practice until you master the program. You can do some experiment with the effects so you can also enhance your creativity.

No Progress Bars for some tools

Another downside of the program is that some tools don’t show progress bars that can help you to see the progress of every work. As such, you will have a hard time going back and forth with the design you are working on just to ensure that you have completed the processes.

Some updates aren’t polished completely

Since the program is updating from time to time, a new version is always available. However, some users find unexpected bugs that creep up the system. Such bugs do not only bother users but it also delays the work or project that they are working on. But thanks to the responsiveness of the Adobe Photoshop community, users can easily fix or find solutions to address the issues in the system due to the updates. 

Despite the pros and cons of Adobe Photoshop, overall, it is a helpful and reliable tool to use. Certainly, you can create any image you want using this software or photoshop cs6 mac. With this tool, you can unleash your creativity and you can create a brand new world from something simple.

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Getting Gifts For The Men In Your Life

With Christmas looming around the corner you may be wondering what kind of gifts to get for the men in your life that aren’t necessarily your significant others. There are all kinds of goodies that you can put in their stocking this holiday season and here are a couple of ideas to help you along the way.
Business Card Holder-these are nice little handy devices for the businessmen in your life who want something to hold their cards so they don’t tear or get smudged while they’re out and about. I like this gift because it is something you know that they will use in their everyday life and it’s practical as well as thoughtful.

Pens-like the aforementioned gifts, this is a practical and thoughtful one because they can use it in their everyday life. You can even get their initials engraved on some pens or their business name (if they have their own business). This is a gift that they will be able to carry around with them all the time and they will use it all the time.

Bobble-Head-guys like this toy for some reason. They can put it on their desk at work or at home and the trick is finding out what kind they want; a sports figure, or action figure (Star Wars tend to be really popular) this is something that they will really like if you get it for them.

Handheld Games-you don’t necessarily have to buy a system like a Nintendo DS or a PSP but you can get games like poker, blackjack, or even Sudoku in hand held form so they have something to help kill the time if they’re waiting on a train or just waiting in general. Plus Sudoku helps keep the mind sharp so that’s an added bonus.

Car Baby-I had one of those for a while that my husband had bought it when lived in California. It is a type of hand held device that you hook up through your radio so your car is like a headset. It helps make driving a little easier and safer because they won’t have to be talking while you’re trying to drive.

Novelty Bottle Opener-you can get one of these with their favorite sports team on it or you can get one that sings a drinking song when you use it. Whatever the case this is a small but fun gift that he will use for his days off when he has time to relax and let loose.

Sunglass Visor Clip-small and affordable this is something that they will use in their everyday life. They can attach it to their car visor and keep their sunglasses there when they’re not using them. I like this because it is something that they might not have but they will enjoy it and use once they get it.

Belt Buckle-maybe it’s just Texans but guys love neat belt buckles. You can get them buckles in the shape of a state (Texas anyone?) or even buckles that can light up or have phrases written on them like a scrolling marquee. Just something fun for when they go out or just to have it it’s doubtful they would wear a blinking belt buckle to work.

You may also want to give your man the best travel wallet. This is perfect if he is always out of town for business and professional purposes. There are travel wallets that are modern designed. So it is both practical and stylish at the same time.

Here are just a couple of things for some of the men in your life. Hopefully they enjoy the presents as much as you enjoyed getting it for them.

Remember the Wireless Network when Maintaining Computer Health

If you have a slow computer and slow DSL internet speed, perhaps you should stop complaining about it and start doing something about it. Aspects of your computer such as hard drive space, viruses and malware, bloated registries, corrupt hard drive sectors, and more can all play a part in making your computer slow, prone to crash, and a detriment to your work.

One of the most important things to check on a regular basis is the amount of free space on your hard drive. If you download a lot of videos, programs, or music, you will use up limited disk space in a hurry. If you are using Windows, you should be sure to empty your recycle bin as well (deleting files will not result in freed disk space until you purge the recycler). If you have a large hard drive or want to make it easy to find the files that are using the most space on your computer, you should try a program like Tree Size Pro from Jam Software that will search your hard drive and allow you to drill down to the folders that have the largest files and delete them.

While you are freeing up space on your computer, be sure to go to the control panel to see what programs are installed on your computer. Take some time to review the entire list, uninstalling the programs you rarely (or never) use. Another thing to do is periodically opening your computer case and blowing out the dust with a can of compressed air. Over time, dust accumulates on your motherboard and drives, trapping heat and facilitating failure. By clearing dust off the components inside your computer, you make sure that you have the best possible air circulation and the least chance of failure due to excessive heat.

While working to preserve the health of your computer, don’t forget to take a look at your wireless network. Be sure to check the log files on your wireless router for unauthorized access attempts. Change the admin password on your router and change the encryption keys for network connections. If possible, turn off the broadcasting of your network’s SSID to help keep hackers at bay. Check your router at least once every month or so to make sure that your wireless network has not been breached.

With so much to be concerned about, the best thing to do is make a calendar entry in Outlook or on Google Calendar to remind you to perform maintenance functions. By investing some time to check on your computer you will make sure you get the best possible life and performance from it.

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The Bail Out of America’s Banks: Deja Vu, It’s the Thrifts Crisis All Over American, yet Again

In the early 1980’s, there was a crisis among the savings and loan and thrift institutions. At the time, I was living in Severna Park, Maryland, and relocating to Buffalo, New York. I had had what I thought then was a considerable amount of money in savings accounts at two local community savings and loans. I remember distinctly during this period of time that gasoline was in short supply, and having to scout around for stations that were both a) open for business, and b) actually had gas to sell. Lines at gas stations were common place, at least to someone as young as I at the time, someone who didn’t know any differently, someone who thought that this was just a really fluky, once in a lifetime situation.

Here’s what was really, really frightening, what I remember as clearly today as the day it happened. We knew we were moving out of state, and wanted to get out money out of the savings and loans – all of it. We didn’t plan on maintaining a relationship with these banks, and had no idea how long we’d live in Buffalo, or if we would ever return back to Maryland. I spent about an hour and a half, combined, at both banks filling out withdrawal slips and then taking the checks for deposit at our regular bank.

Two days later, the state of Maryland put a freeze on the accounts held by community thrifts and savings and loans.

If I hadn’t acted when I did, thousands and thousands of dollars, our money, would have been unavailable to us – and we were leaving to move quite far away out of state.

Timing in life is everything.

Yes, we’re all going to pay for the bailout of the brokerage houses. I truly feel sorry for some – but not all – of the employees. I think that David Fuld should be tarred and feathered and placed on display in Times Square. I think that the federal government should attach the ‘golden parachutes’ of the CEO’s and CFO’s and every member of top management – including those individuals who sat on the Boards of Directors for Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and AIG.

I think that the Federal government should also attach their residences – all of them, including vacation and second homes. I think that a full accounting should be made of their personal possessions. Let’s auction off the wives’ Bulgari, Judith Ripka and Seidengang jewelry. Let’s impound their vehicles, all of them.

From personal experience, there’s nothing more scary, more frightening than not being able to literally HAVE your own money because of a banking crisis.

There are a lot of people who have and who will lose their jobs. They didn’t walk away a few months ago with $90,000,000 ‘golden parachutes’. In an already rotten economy, they’re now going to try to find jobs – as secretaries, data processors, analysts (big, growing industry there now), even nannies, cooks, chauffeurs, maids, janitors, housekeepers.

We know a regional manager for Merrill, Lynch. He lives here in pricey Moorestown, New Jersey in a six bedroom home with an in ground pool in one of the tonier neighborhoods in town. He’s loud, he’s brash, he’s arrogant. He’s just like every other broker – or regional manager – that you’ve ever met. He was good at his job because he was a ruthless, take no prisoners son of a gun. I’m hoping to see a For Sale sign on his home any day now.

The banking crisis of the ’80’s wasn’t all that long ago. We should have learned some serious lessons from it then, but apparently Wall Street – loud, brash and arrogan – just didn’t get it., or chose to ignore it. If only Docker.com was already present that time, then surely the havoc wouldn’t be that bad. The banking industry as we know it today will be forever changed, and we, the taxpayers, are stuck with the bill.

The Gordon Gecko’s of the banking industry apparently never die; they just hibernate for a decade or two before setting out again, teeth bared and fangs thrust out. I’m advocating for prison time for David Fuld of Lehman Brothers, for their Board of Directors, for taking away the personal excesses that they garnered, all at our expense.

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The Golden Compass: Good for Kids but Boring for Adults

The Golden Compass is not by any means on the level of the Lord of the Rings, or the Chronicles of Narnia. It is certainly aimed at a younger audience, and in saying this I do not want to discourage or dissuade a viewer from going to the film with a child or even a young teenager. However, for the adult movie goer, this film ultimately falls flat. I had no previous knowledge of the story or it’s basis. I was excited after seeing the preview. In the Lords of rings, Gandalf is really old and the information about it should be available with the person. The audience will receive complete entertainment and enjoyment in the lord of rings. 

It is based on the book Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman, the first in a trilogy.

This is the story of Lyra Belacqua, a girl attending Jordan College in England. Lyra lives in a world that is very different from yours and mine. This is a world of talking polar bears, of Hindenbergesque transport, and most importantly of animal manifestations of a person’s soul. These representations are called Dæmons, and they share in the experiences of their person. This can and does include pain and ultimately death, depending on your uncertain future. The story starts out innocently enough, with young vagabond like children playing in the street and Lyra betting one of her friends that she can get a special item out of a special room. Inside this room, treachery already begins to take hold as there are obvious factions at sword’s length from each other. It is here where we meet Lord Asriel (Daniel Craig), Lyra’s uncle, as well as various other members of the college. Lord Asriel shows a picture of a very uncouth substance called Dust. He plans to go to the great north in search of this Dust.

Lyra wants to go, but he refuses. Before long, she is courted by Mrs. Coulter (Nicole Kidman) a woman of great power. There is something not quite right about Coulter. People look at her with admiration and fear. She is played very specific, and very cold, yet smooth by Kidman, who does provide a decent performance. Lyra ends up going away with Mrs. Coulter. But before she leaves, she is given the alethiometer (the golden compass). It is a device that can be used to pierce through to the truth in any circumstance if the user understands it’s power.

We are already knowing that Lyra is a special girl, that someone has plans for her, and that others probably do as well but their motives are certainly not as good.

We also have a plot about missing children that ties into everything, especially when some of Lyra’s friends go missing. She is a resourceful girl, and ends up meeting up with a motley crew of gypsy like people, as well as an outcast bear, (voiced by Ian McKellen) and Virgil Earp, er a nomadic piot (Sam Elliott playing virtually the same character in tombstone except… well with a bunny.)

This party of people begins a trek north as well, determined to find the missing children and to meet up with Lord Asriel.

The story continues on, moving from scene to scene, but with no real development. Things just scratch the surface with almost all the characters. things just happen. Characters become intertwined on the drop of a dime. It all ends up being a CGI spectacle that never really quite explains anything.

It also ends very very abruptly. Having never known anything about the book/franchise till after seeing the movie, it’s clear here that the producers are hoping for a LOTR type franchise. However, the story just doesn’t have that depth to it. Everything seems to be written into the plot with a wink wink, isn’t this clever type of attitude.There are many many scenes which look almost stolen from other movies (conscious viewers will note in particular the scene with McKellen’s polar bear… all I could think about was YOU SHALL NOT PASS!) I saw parallels to many movies, scenes that looked almost lifted, and after awhile I was waiting for Danny Glover, Mel Gibson, Jackie Chan, and Chris Tucker to all come out and start Lethal Rush Hour 5.

Having said all this, a child will absolutely love the movie if this genre is their cup of tea. Talking animals, chases, fighting, it’s all here. In saying this however, be forewarned there is a lot of child in peril stuff going on, kidnapping,as well as violence and death, both shown and implied. There is cruelty to animals (the souls), and to children. There is one particular scene which could be considered almost graphic for this film. There is the whole debate about the denouncing of Catholicism which was specifically toned down.


Children who aren’t ridiculously sensitive, or who are nuts for Harry Potter should love it. The acting is not bad, the CGI is top notch, etc. Just don’t go without a child and expect to be watching the next Lord of the Rings masterpiece.

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