10 AFK Arena Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

10 AFK Arena Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

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AFK Arena is one of the latest action card game out there in the market. In AFK arena players can build a personalized team with which they can level up as well as earn Unique AFK arena rewards as well. The game also boasts an auto award farming system. As the game is played online you can join players from all over the world with your mission of stopping the ancient evil from destroying the virtual realms of Esperia. AFK Arena is a mobile game full of ancients beasts and powerful heroes.

The mobile game was crafted by Lilith Games and AFK arena comes under the genre of RPG i.e. Role-playing games. In this interactive and engaging RPG adventure, you can pair up and join online players in your quest and start your in-game journey with your online friends. As the leader of your troop, you will have to lead your squad members to victory. There are daunting in-game challenges that you need to face in order to complete the game, you will be crossing the dreaded dark forests where you will be utilizing your team member’s abilities to cross the forest that is full of magical beasts. AFK Arena is really intense and deep as you go through the game, so you will need tips and tricks in order to become a master of the game in no time.

  • Start exploring the game when you have unlocked most of game’s features.

As you begin your journey you should focus on moving along your in-game journey through campaigns only. The game offers PvP in which you battle with other online players in order to level up and ascend trough different levels of the game.

You will be destroying your enemies and complete bounty quests as soon as you are through the campaign levels giving you enough experience of the game. These campaign stages are going to help you in upgrading your cards to decent levels.

As a newbie, you should stick to the campaign mode so that you can easily level up your basic cards to a certain level. There is a tier list afk that you can follow in order to determine your card levels.

Moreover, once you are done with the basic campaign levels you can easily level up your cards with more complex levels of the campaign mode.

  • Upgrade your heroes as they destroy the opposition.

As you start with PvP you should place and choose your 5 heroes wisely. There are several strategies that you can follow as you play the game. You can place your high level heroes or strength based heroes, in the frontline while agility based heroes behind them in order to win the game.

There are several boosts that you can get with certain arrangements of your heroes. Which is why you should consider those arrangements as you move forward in the game. You can easily level up with this strategy. You can turn on the auto mode for your heroes so that they activate their special moves as soon as possible. After every battle, you should be upgrading your heroes with several level up’s and boosts.

  • While recruiting new heroes, go for option 10.

Adding new heroes to your troop is an easy task. You just have to visit “The Nobel Tavern”. You will be given different choices with which you can recruit a new hero for your squad. You should gather up a huge amount of your desired item so that you can easily use the option 10. This is how you can recruit several heroes at a time without wasting anything on a single card or character.

  • Use ‘rickety card’ wisely to upgrade your high-level heroes.

There are different tier levels in the game. Rare and Elite cards are the best ones. Initially, you will be fighting with common cards only. You just have to upgrade them along with your high rarity cards until you have more rere or elite cards. Once you have a certain amount of cards you can go to Rickety cards to reset your common cards and use the resources and items you get from this process to upgrade your high level rare or elite cards.

  • With three copies of any hero visit the temple of Ascension.

Once you have more that one copy of a hero card you can visit the temple of Ascension in order to sacrifice the lower level cards to upgrade your high-level card. This is quite similar to summon option 10.

  • Withing labyrinths boost your health and defenses and deploy assistant heroes.

Arcane labyrinth is a battle mode that is grid-based. With its layout resetting every 48 hours it is really important that as you complete battles you collect all the chests and boosts so that your main characters and heroes stay in better shapes throughout the Dark forests. You can take advantage of “fountain of vitality”, “Mystic grid”, and “abandoned wagon” every time you come across them.

  • Withing Dark Forests use your boosts wisely.

Once you unlock both Dark forest and Ranhorn modes you should take advantage of all your unlocked features. You can easily win battles with other players while you utilize all the valuable features and make sure that you don’t log off your game without using every available feature in the game.

  • Take help from your online friends.

You can chat online with your in-game friends and have companion points that you can use to recruit heroes. This is another way to recruit heroes on a regular basis as well. You just have to make sure that you repay your friends as well.

  • Quickly complete your quests.

The Quest tab is on the top of the right screen. You should complete your daily quests on a regular basis so that you can reap all the benefits that you can get from these quests.

  • Complete mini goals and open your Golden chest on time.

As you complete these mini-goals you get chests and items that you can use to upgrade your heroes. This is an easy way that you can follow in order to upgrade your heroes quickly.