10 Ways to Use Social Media to Land Your Next Job

10 Ways to Use Social Media to Land Your Next Job

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If you’ve been writing cover letters and having friends proofing your new resume, stop right there. Even though a profoundly written cover letter can still get you a few brownie points, you are wasting your time if you aren’t maximizing your exposure through social networks.

You’ve already figured out that Facebook and Twitter can help you stay in touch with friends and family, near and far. Tweeting is a really cool tool you can use to tell your mother you’ll be late from school or to ask a neighbor to feed your puppy because you need to work late.

But if you’re in the thick of job hunting, you need to transform these efforts online into effective media exposure aimed at the right people in the right places at the right time. Some tips to get more instagram views on the stories can be adopted. Instagram is providing a global stage to you for finding the job opportunities. Through the views on stories, you can find the job as per the requirement.

1. If you seriously haven’t kept up with social networks or social media, take the time to learn all about it. Today. Borrow a copy of “Social Networking for Dummies” and read it cover to cover. Then come back here and pick up at the next step below!

2. We all know what you did last summer. It’s all over Facebook. And now would be a smart time to delete anything that’s still up; pictures, posts and videos. You should even un-friend people who tend to post all sorts of junk on your wall. Employers will find you, and they won’t be impressed!

3. Now, go start a Facebook business page. You are the business! This page will be all about you and your availability to discuss employment opportunities. Set it up to not allow friends. Ask for fans to follow or not- it’s up to you. Whatever you do, don’t allow it so people can post to your business profile wall. Limit your information to only what is germane to your experience, interests and skill set.

4. Start your own resume-based personal website that you will use only for job hunting. You can add video, pictures, documents and even entire online portfolios. When applying for jobs you can simply direct recruiters to your site. They can pick and choose which pages or sections might interest them.

5. Sign-up for a paid account with LinkedIn. You may already have a free account, but this offers very limited perks. Serious job hunters pay for a membership in order to gain full access which will allow you to contact other members and have access to their email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

6. If you are interested in specific companies or industries, follow them! Twitter and Facebook have robust search options to allow to find just about anyone or anything. Pay attention to their posts! They may be actively recruiting. Learn to read what you see and you’ll be surprised at the info sent out by companies and organizations. Is someone reporting substantial profits? Opening a new location? If so, then they’re probably hiring.

7. Buy a smartphone with the ability to have these apps feed automatically onto your home screen and you will have access to new posts and be in a position to react immediately.

8. Keep documents on your smart phone, too- resumes, sample work, etc. Most companies who do use social networks will typically contact you through Facebook or Twitter and ask for additional information. If you aren’t sitting in front of your computer you can always provide what they need right from your phone.

9. Digg is starting to have major impact on the job market. Set up a free account and hook up with people who might be hiring, or can simply research companies registered there. Not quite as strong as Facebook yet, but don’t discount them completely. You never know what company you may meet there.

10. Buy a few Google Ads that will send people to your professionally done website where they find everything they need to know about you. Make sure you have your keywords chosen correctly, too. Having “Chicago software engineer” will do more good than using “Joe Scully”. Employers are already online searching for candidates. Make it easy for them to find you!