4 Fake Nintendo Wii Knockoffs that Are Actually Being Sold and Bought

4 Fake Nintendo Wii Knockoffs that Are Actually Being Sold and Bought

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The Nintendo Wii is one of the best selling gaming consoles of all time and lots of other game companies would love to copy Nintendo’s success, literally. Following are the 4 most shameless Wii knockoff attempts to rip-off would-be Nintendo Wii owners. These fake Nintendos’ also come with cheap copies of popular games as well. You will find games like Minecraft on inversegamer.com with best minecraft shaders 1.14 at really cheap prices. However, you might have to worry about the life of these cheap gadgets. 

  1. Chintendo Vii

I swear I’m not making this stuff up. The Chintendo Vii is the most blatant attempt at game system imitation to ever hit the gaming community. The Chintendo Vii is an obvious Nintendo Wii knockoff, but it’s not a total rip-off. If you can’t tell the difference between an “N” and “Ch”, it’ll only be your fault that you bought a fake Wii instead of the original.

The Chintendo Vii (which is marketed to drunkards and the illiterate) isn’t ashamed of its Nintendo Wii knockoff and actually runs ads and commercials for their obvious Nintendo Wii rip-off. This fake Nintendo Wii knockoff is as wide as the Nintendo Wii is long and vice-versa – the Vii looks like a Nintendo Wii flipped vertically. Not only does the Chintendo Vii copy the design of the Wii, they totally rip-off the Nintendo Wii’s Wiimotes (Viimotes, I presume).

The Vii has motion sensing features like the original Wii, but the games on this Wii knockoff totally suck. This rip-off Wii tries to copy the games of the original Wii but fails with horrible titles like Catch Fish, Table Tennis, Bowling, Fry Egg (I’m not kidding), and Come On (Really? I mean, come on…). This fake Wii can only be passed off as the original if your children are blind (no offense), can’t read or measure, and are completely disenfranchised.

  1. The Zone

Unlike China’s Chintendo (now I get it) Vii, The Zone gaming knockoff is actually sold in the US. For $70 bucks you can get a copy of this rip-off Wii at your local dollar store or CVS Pharmacy. The Zone doesn’t look much like the original Wii but has light-weight Wiimotes and this Wii fake sits upright in a dock. The Zone even tries to knockoff the Wii’s motion-sensing but can only deliver wireless controllers. Bwahaha!

The Zone is a meager 16-bit graphic gaming system that’s less than a Wii rip-off; it’s more like an imitation Super Nintendo. This Wii fake comes with 7 preinstalled games–and no, you can’t add more games– including knockoff Wii favorites like Table Tennis, Bowling, and Golf showing that the copy-cats even copy off of each other.

The Zone would love to compete with Wii buyers but fake wireless Wiimotes and knockoff copycat games on a 16-bit SNES imitation system make this Nintendo Wii rip-off no better than those RCA gaming systems with the games already installed in the controller.

  1. The Sega Zone

If you can’t beat em, join em. From the makers of the original Wii knockoff, The Zone, and the failed licensing practices of Sega, comes to The Sega Zone gaming system. This fake Wii is not just an imitation Nintendo Wii, it’s also an imitation Sega Genesis gaming system. The Sega Zone gaming console is a lot like the original Sega Genesis, but also comes equipped with fake Wiimotes and rip-off Wii games.

This copy-cat Genesis/Wii costs $60 bucks and comes with 20 original Sega Games and 30 new (bad) imitation Wii games. If you’re hoping to play old school nostalgic Genesis games, you’re in for a total rip-off. The Sega Zone only has two Sonic games (Sonic Spinball and Sonic Knuckles) and the rest of the fake Genesis titles aren’t worth playing. Slapping Wiimotes on an old school Genesis/Wii copy-cat gaming system only shames the original Genesis (and Sega) and isn’t enough to fool gamers into buying this fake Nintendo Wii imitation.

  1. MiWi

Rip-off the Wii, hack off the extra “I” from Mii and Wii, and what do you have? Another shameless Nintendo Wii knockoff that tries to copy the functions and look of the original Wii – and fails very badly. Obviously thought up after the creator was struck in the nut sack (My Weeee!) this fake Wii copies the Zone’s appearance, Wii’s Wiimotes, and Nintendo 64 original controller. In addition to the shameless Nintendo rip-off theme and swagger jacking The Zone, the MiWi also bundles its gaming system with worthless MiWimote accessories (that’ll end up flying towards and breaking your HDTV).

As you probably guessed, the MiWi Nintendo fake was made in China and features 16-bit graphics gaming. The makers of the MiWi just threw their hands in the air with their imitation Wii knockoff and decided to copy everything every other Wii rip-off already failed to sell the gaming market on. The only thing original about the MiWi is some of its preinstalled games, but you can still depend on other Wii copy-cat games like Bowling, Table Tennis, and Golf.

Out of all of the Nintendo Waa’s listed, the MiWi appears to have some playability, but if your child wants a Nintendo Wii, they won’t settle for this light-weight imitation Wii rip-off.

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