5 Free Apps For Mapping Your Mind

5 Free Apps For Mapping Your Mind

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The mind map is a way of organizing your thought and ideas into a visual image. The mind maps are designed in a hierarchical way so that all the branches depict the relationship with the central idea of the mind map. Mind maps are often created around a central concept and thereby more and more information is added to it. All the major ideas are connected with the help of lines to the central idea and all other ideas are connected with the braches.

Mind maps are really useful and handy when it comes to sharing information. This is why there are several online and offline free mind mapping tools that you can use in order to get the best possible result.  There are several mind map examples that you can look into as we move on with the articles. Here are the best free apps that you can use for mind mapping:

  • Coggle

It is a free online tool that you can use to create and share mind maps. This app enables you to connect with your team as you join your forces to share notes, brainstorm new ideas, and plans. This app allows you to create multiple nodes in a single workspace along with keyboard shortcuts so that you can create mind maps much faster. You can also view the entire history and edits that have been there on your mind map. Additionally, you get the last edited date and time with the name of the person who edited the mind map. You can message your team members, can do live chats, and leave notes to them as well.  You also get the option of creating loops and braches to connect other mind maps and analyze their relationships.

  • Gitmind

It is a free mind map tool that is easy to use and can be used to create presentable mind maps. With this app, you get the option to assign priority to your tasks and create a progress meter with symbols and colors. You get an intuitive design keyboard and several keyboard shortcuts so that you can create mind maps much quickly. Day and night themes are also available that can be modified along with the mind map. You can arrange the mind map in 5 different layouts and reset them at any point in time you want. You can share your mind map with other people through a shareable link and collaborate with them in real time.

  • Canva

It is a web-based graphic design app that you can use to create mind maps real easily. This app has pre-loaded templates and tools that allow you to create seamless mind maps. You get a really powerful drag and drop tool and editor along with several other useful tools. You can share the map on social media platforms or email within the app. There is an option to insert images, GIFs, and you can even embed videos from Youtube as well. You can use special symbols and colors to make it easier for others to understand your mind map.

  • Inforapid knowledgebase builder

As traditional mind maps use a hierarchical mode it can get really complex as you connect two or more mind maps. This is where this free tool is really helpful as you get a dynamic update on your mind maps making it much easier for you to add more details and understand it as well. You can edit, insert, and remove multiple items at a time with this app. There is an option to toggle between 2D and 3D modes as well. Moreover, you can hide some details as well.