5 Healthy yet Affordable Meal Plans you must Try Today

5 Healthy yet Affordable Meal Plans you must Try Today

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Today money is tight for many families and many of us are looking for ways to trim our budgets. Although we may be tempted to purchase fast foods because they are advertised as a cheap meal, we can actually make healthier meals at a lower cost than what’s being offered at the drive-through. If you want vegan meals, variety of vegan meal kits are available too. 

With a little planning and organization you can come up with some easy meal preparations that will not only trim your weekly food bill but will also provide you with healthier meals. 

Stock up on Soup 

Soup is a great meal when served with some bread and a salad. And many of today’s soups are stacked with chunky vegetables and thick noodles that will not only satisfy your appetite but will also provide you with valuable vitamins and nutrients. And meal preparation only requires a can opener. You can stock a shelf in your cupboard with a variety of soups so that you always have a quick meal and will have the willpower to stay away from the local greasy spoon. 

Make a Sandwich 

Whether it’s a cheesy grilled cheese or a peanut butter and jelly, sandwiches are a great meal, and are satisfying comfort foods. Sandwiches are also economical and easy to make. You can spruce up your sandwiches by using different breads, like Kaiser Rolls or pita pockets. So fill your stomach and save some cash by having sandwich night once a week at your house. 

Breakfast for Supper 

Foods that are traditionally served at breakfast make terrific and economical meals. Have a pancake night or a waffle night and serve them with some bacon and some fruit. You will cover all of your food groups and serve a delicious meal that everyone will enjoy. 

Whether you serve your eggs scrambled or sunny side up, eggs are also a great and inexpensive supper choice. Even hot oatmeal or porridge is a terrific meal on a cold night.


Make your own Mexican Food 

Instead of going out for tacos stay home and make your own. Mexican food is easy to make and is also a lot cheaper than ordering from a restaurant. You can make a meal of quesadillas, nachos, burritos or tacos with a bowl of rice and enjoy Mexican food right from your own kitchen table without the expense of eating out. 

Consider Casseroles 

Don’t be intimidated by the casserole! Casseroles can be quick and simple, and inexpensive. With ground meat, a can of tomato soup, macaroni and some cheese you can whip up a macaroni and cheese casserole that can feed the whole family. You might even have enough left-overs for lunch the next day. Any combination of soup and rice or pasta works great in a casserole.