5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Movers And Packers

5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Movers And Packers

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Do you have to relocate soon? Well, the first thing to do is to make a list of things to carry on with you in the new location. The next task is to choose a reliable mover in your city. Now, there is no dearth of mover in your city. But there is a catch- not all movers would be equally compatible for you. There is a bunch of crucial points that you must clear out beforehand prior to signing up with your chosen mover. As per the market experts, you should make shortlist of at least 5-6 movers in chicago and get a comparative study on them. Here is a list of questions that you must ask these movers before the final nod.

Are you a licensed entity?

You may not know this but we have plenty of scammers around. Some of them even operate under the name of a famous brand. One of the best ways to make sure you are doing business with a legit company is to ask for the proof of license. If it’s a local mover, the company will be licensed by the State.

For example, if you are looking for a licensed mover in Chicago, the firm should be licensed by Illinois Transport Department. In case, you are looking for an interstate mover, make sure the company holds licensed issued by US Transportation Department. To know more about them, you can get the license number and check its complaint history at the official website of USDT.

A reliable company will always have a valid and updated license and won’t have qualms in sharing the number with a potential client. But, if the mover seems hesitant to share his license number, consider a red flag.

Do you offer end-to-end service?

This is another vital question to ask while choosing your mover.

Moving is a cumbersome phase. From informing near ones and neighbors to getting the right home to checking the new neighborhood- there are just umpteen numbers of things to do. And that leaves you hardly any time for packing and loading things in a moving truck. Thus, it’s always wiser to look for a reliable moving company that can assure you a comprehensive range of services. The best companies usually offer a complete array of services- right from packing to unloading at your new location.

Do you have storage facilities?

What if you need to keep some valuables in storage till you settle down in your new location? It could be that you would have to keep your grand old piano at a storage location for a week. Well, in that case, it’s absolutely important to know beforehand whether or not your chosen mover is able to offer storage facilities. If not and if you need it, then you would have to look for another mover.

If your chosen mover is ready to offer warehouse or storage facility, make sure it’s a temperature-controlled one and armed with 24/7 security.

Do you carry insurance?

Moving accidents are not uncommon. Your valuables may get stolen or damaged, despite no direct involvement of the mover. What if the moving truck meets with an accident on road? If your relocation encounters any such mishap, make sure you don’t have to pay for that. Right from the packing stage till the unloading part, your valuables are your mover’s responsibility. If any accident occurs while on-the-move, the mover should pay for it. Thus, make sure beforehand that your chosen mover is backed by proper insurance.

Go for movers who are backed by “Full Value Protection” insurance as it offers the most comprehensive insurance coverage.

May we speak to your previous customers?

As a potential customer of any moving company, you do have the right to know what the previous customers have to say about your chosen mover. A reliable moving company is aware of the consumer rights and would readily share the contact details with you.  A smart mover knows if he doesn’t share the references, you can any day check out his complaint history from the website of transportation department. But, if your mover hesitates to share the contact details, don’t trust him and look for another mover.

Finally, look for an experienced mover who specializes in your type of moving and relocation.