5 Reasons GameCrush is a Complete Rip-off for Guy Gamers

5 Reasons GameCrush is a Complete Rip-off for Guy Gamers

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GameCrush is a new online social dating site where gamers pay to play games with sexy gamer girls. At first thought GameCrush appears to be a desperate hangout for lonely gamers, but further examination shows that GameCrush is a total rip-off for gamers.

1. GameCrush girls are costly

To play games with sexy girls on GameCrush, you’ll have to fork over $6.60; not for an hour, but for 10 minutes of game play. $6.60 doesn’t seem like a huge wad of cash at its face value, but when compared to the $8 bucks it’d cost to take a real girl (that you could actually build a relationship with) to the movies, $6.60 for 10 minutes are up there with hooker prices.

2. What’s 10 minutes anyway?

I’m not sure what planet these guys from GameCrush are from, but 10 minutes of game play is a huge rip-off. You can get more than 10 minutes of game play at an arcade for just a quarter (2 quarters nowadays). GameCrush lets you play with the sexy gamer (used lightly) girl of your choice on Xbox Live games like GTA 4, Gears of War, CoD, and Halo 3 and if you’ve ever played any of these games before, you’d know that 10 minutes worth of game play is just the intro and character and controller set-up – you’d hardly have time to exchange names with the GameCrush girl.

3. Are these GameCrush girls even real?

If you’ve seen the GameCrush girls on the official GameCrush website, you might become suspicious as to whether or not these gamer girls are actually real – or just “big fat phonies”. On games like Halo 3, Modern Warfare, and Gears of War, it’d be impossible to tell what the hell the GameCrush girl you’re paying over $30 minutes an hour to play games with looks like. I looked at GameCrush’s stable of gamer girls and I’ve got to be honest with you; some of those girls are obviously fake. Just by looking at their profile pictures, you’d spot a few famous porn stars and models that you know aren’t working as GameCrush girls- take a look.

4. Why even play games

Dude, for $6.60 a minute, you’d be able to see some really kinky “shtuff” on the internet. Why would you pay a girl just to play a game with you? If you had 10 minutes alone with a sexy (allegedly) girl like the ones on GameCrush, do you mean to tell me that you’d fire up the gaming console for some head to head game play? I strongly doubt it. So why pay the ridiculously high price GameCrush is asking when you wouldn’t even do it for free.

5. These gamer girls probably suck at games

OK, so I understand that there are probably guys out there who aren’t total perverts and are just looking to play games with girls instead of “hard legs”. For those of you that wish to play games with girl gamers, I hardly doubt that you’ll be getting your money’s worth from GameCrush. I’ve seen gamer chicks that can Pwn in Halo 3, and they don’t have D-cups (without being chubby) and wear thongs and a bra while they play. You’ll likely spend your entire 10 minutes explaining how to not walk into walls and trying to cover the GameCrush girl’s ass from enemy fire. Not only will you not get paid for teaching these girls how to play, you’ll be expected to pay them for their noobage.

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