5 Solutions for People with No Health Insurance

5 Solutions for People with No Health Insurance

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No health insurance? Don’t worry. People have been treating themselves without it for years by tapping into natural solutions that don’t require a special ID card or a doctor. These solutions have proven histories of either keeping personal health or curing them of illness. However, you should buy group health insurance to protect yourself and your family from any health-related problem that you might face.

No Health Insurance Solution #1 – Herbal Medicine
Herbal medicine is another way to receive healthcare without insurance. This is an alternative form of medicine that derives cures for ailments from plants. Seeking treatment from an herbalist is normally less expensive and just as effective for some people. The side-effects are usually less strenuous on the body. So what does this translate to? It means that when you have a stomach ache, instead of running to the doctor, you would eat a mint leave because it promotes digestion.

No Health Insurance Solution #2 – Healthy Living
By living a healthy life, a person can survive without health insurance. We all know older people who have adopted this motto. They eat vegetables and fruit in every meal, walk a mile every day and drink lots of water. These people also practice strict hygiene – flossing their teeth, bathing daily and keeping a clean house. This kind of lifestyle is just what a licensed doctor would order and often tell ailing people. So, if you adopt it, the fact that you have no health insurance will be inconsequential because you’ll never need to use it.

No Health Insurance Solution #3 – Lots of Laughter
People who give into laughter rarely get ill. It’s where the clich√©’ laughter is the best medicine comes from. When you giggle, teeter or chuckle, endorphins are released into your system. Endorphins are hormones that control the pleasure sensors in your brain. So when they increase, you feel good and are able to fight sickness and pin. For this reason, instead of worrying about health insurance that you just can’t afford, you should be watching a funny movie and laughing all the way through it.

No Health Insurance Solution #4 – Prayer and Meditation
Prayer and meditation are spiritual weapons that many people use to ward off sickness and disease. History has shown us that they do work. Of course, there is a debate as to why. Some people say that it is the power of God that heals and others say that these entities (prayer and meditation) just help man unleash his own inner strength. Either way, they work. So buy a cushion for your knees and learn a few chants. It will be one of your best defenses against having no health insurance.

No Health Insurance Solution #5 – Emergent Care
Of course, even if you practice a healthy lifestyle, you may find yourself in an emergency situation due to an unforeseen incident. Car accidents fall and other catastrophes can hurt you even if you are healthy. However, in those cases, you can always go to a free clinic or an emergency room. Then, you can make payment arrangements for the bills or enlist the help of organizations that assist people with no health insurance. These organizations are usually local charities or groups that support certain illnesses or demographics like women or children. They act as a safety guard for people who have no health insurance.

These are five solutions you can use if you do not have health insurance. Use them wisely and take care of yourself.