5 Tips To Choose The Right Long Range Scope For Rifle

5 Tips To Choose The Right Long Range Scope For Rifle

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Are you on the lookout of long range scopes for rifle? From archery to birdwatching to astronomical observation, long range scopes are handy for a lot of activities. The current market is bustling with a versatile range of long range scopes today. You have scopes for beginners, for intermediate level as well as highly expensive and advanced ones for professionals. Now, all the scopes that you see in the market can’t be trusted equally. But, don’t worry, here is a brief on how to choose the best possible long range scope for rifle.

 Check repeatable adjustments

Be careful of repeatable mechanics. It’s more important than optical clarity. If one dials around 10.0 mils elevation, it must be 10.0 mils only- and not 9.9 or 10.05.

What about reticle?

Well, the reticle is also another vital thing to check while getting your scope. Look for the ones with hash marks or dots with even gapping in between. During long-range shooting, maximum shooters “dial for the elevation” and “hold for the wind”. Dialing for the elevations implies one gauges the distance from the target, measure drop, rotate turrets so that he can put crosshairs dead-center right on target. Holding for the wind is when wind is so quick that one cannot turn turrets to adjust and have to aim and shoot fast before wind changes.

Check zoom range

Zoom range is definitely a crucial factor especially when we are talking about long-range shooting. If it’s about shooting in long-range, the required zoom range is 18x. If you want the scope for hunting, the low range should be something between 5 to 25.

Sturdy all-weather construction

Your chosen scope should promise lasting durability. It should also assure completely waterproof, fogproof and shockproof construction so that you can use it in all weather.

Get a comparison study

You should always get a comparison study before choosing a rifle scope. Make a shortlist of minimum 5-6 long range scopes and then get a comparative study on them. Your chosen one should be backed by rave reviews and ratings from both experts and users. Here is a brief on Top 3 Best Long Range Rifle Scopes under $1000.

Celestron 52306

A high quality scope at economical range, the Celestron amazes with it D Objective focal lenses. The high end lenses reduce chromatic aberration and assures perfect color reproduction as well as improved resolution plus contrast. The scope sports full multi-coated optics that allow excellent view and optimum light transmission. The scope is made from magnesium alloy which keeps it durable and sturdy. However, it’s also lightweight and hence easily portable.

Vortex Viper

The Viper comes equipped with VMR-1 reticle that assures accurate holds and that too at the extended ranges. The barrel length stretches to nearly 15.5”. It’s to stress here the scope comes armed with extra-low dispersion, full multi-coated premium lenses that promise awesome color fidelity and resolution. The scope’s XR coats offer improved light gathering and the Armortek coat shields the lenses.

Burris XTR

This is another great scope within budget. As per the reviews, the scope assures great precision both for competitive and tactical purposes. You will get easily adjustable reticle which enables easy decrease and increase in reticle size- right in tune with magnification. This assures proportional and correct trajectory compensation for chosen power setting.