5 Tips To Remember For That Perfect Brew In Every Coffee Maker

5 Tips To Remember For That Perfect Brew In Every Coffee Maker

If you are a coffee lover, it is not unusual for you to have a coffee maker at home. Every coffee maker is different from the other, and all of them will serve you with a cup of freshly made coffee. Helix extends some really good coffee-making machines with a variety of models to choose from. While it definitely depends upon the machine on the quality of coffee you get, there are certain things to keep in mind to make your coffee taste even better.

Coffee makers sure make your coffee-making task simple and easy, but following the below tips will give you a yummilicious cuppa irrespective of the type and model of the maker.

  • Fresh, whole coffee beans is the primary key

While it is definitely an easier option to buy pre-ground coffee, you might want to change your mind. Buying fresh, whole coffee beans takes your coffee to a completely different level. Freshly roasted coffee beans reach their ultimate flavor within a few days of roasting. It is thus unwise to buy coffee beans from grocery stores where the date of roasting is seldom mentioned. Instead one should look for freshly roasted coffee beans from local coffee stores for brewing a flavorful cuppa. After all, they are the crema of the cup.

  • Store your coffee beans in the right way

Once you get your hands on freshly roasted coffee beans, you should ensure to keep them away from air, heat, moisture and light. These can decrease the life and flavor of the coffee beans. Store them in an airtight container and keep it in a cool, dark place. A ceramic jar or a mason jar should be good choices to store the coffee beans.

  • Grind your coffee beans in the correct manner

How and when you grind the freshly roasted coffee beans can affect the way your cup of coffee tastes. Grain size and consistency also matter a lot. It is recommended to grind the coffee beans right before brewing them in the coffee maker. This is because the ground coffee starts losing its flavor within 30 minutes of grinding.

The ground coffee grains should not be too coarse as that cannot impart complete taste to the brewed cuppa. Similarly too finely ground coffee beans can make the brewed coffee taste bitter. Most coffee-makers need the ground coffee particles to be medium-sized. A manual hand mill or an automatic burr grinder should be your pick for the perfect grind.

  • The water you use matters

Avoid using water that is loaded with minerals. It will seriously hinder the way your coffee tastes, and even cause scaling in your precious coffee-making machine. Ensure that the water you use to brew your coffee is fresh and clean, because 99% of the coffee you drink is water.

  • Brew the coffee at the correct temperature

You should allow the coffee maker to get hot before you start brewing your coffee. Verify the temperature by running it without coffee at first. The required brew temperature for general drip coffee is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. If your brewer is a newer model, you can even have manual temperature adjustment option. If the water does not reach the requisite temperature, you can boil it in a kettle before pouring in the coffee-maker.