8 Easy Ways To Use Up Extra Calories During Your Day

8 Easy Ways To Use Up Extra Calories During Your Day

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Here are eight ways that you can trick your body into using up extra calories during your everyday activities.

Fill up your cart ~

When you’re shopping, put the heaviest items in your cart first at the store. If you’re buying cat litter, or a big bag of dog food, go to that aisle first, so that you’ll push that extra weight around the whole time you’re shopping.

Drink more, Pee more ~

Drink a lot of water. Water’s good for you, and helps flush out the fat cells you’re working off. But drinking a lot has another side benefit. The more you drink, the more you need to use the bathroom! And all those extra trips to the potty are adding steps to your day.

Bounce and wiggle ~

Develop a habit of leg-bouncing and finger tapping. All those extra movements are burning calories. If tapping bothers your co-workers, do something quiet, such as twirling a pen in your fingers. Any small movement, done consistently, will burn a lot of calories over time.

Take the stairs ~

This classic weight loss trick may quickly become one of your favorites. It doesn’t require any special equipment or clothing. Just walk right past the crowd waiting for the elevator, and walk to your floor. If you’re really high up, or you’re really out of shape, start small. Begin by taking the stairs when you’re headed down the stairs first, because it won’t seem as stressful as going up. Then, when you’re ready to walk up, start off by just getting off the elevator one or two floors earlier than usual. Work your way up to doing all the steps, every time.

Park far away ~

Whether you’re shopping, going to work, or looking for a spot to park in your apartment complex, just choose one of the farthest away ones you can. You’ll add steps to your day, just by having to walk that extra distance. It won’t take any extra time, if it’s offset by not having to circle in your car looking for a closer space. Parking farther from the building also makes it easier to get a spot near the cart corral, or under a security light.

Drink colder beverages ~

Your body tries hard to maintain a stable temperature. When you drink things that are cold, your body will spend effort (and calories!) trying to warm up the contents of your digestive tract. Take advantage of that, and drink everything as cold as you can stand it.

Turn down the heat ~

Because your body wants to be at a constant temperature, it will try to warm you up from inside if you’re in a chilly place. If you turn down the heat a few degrees, your body will expend calories trying to warm you up. Don’t turn it down until you’re truly uncomfortable, just a couple degrees to con your body into working a little extra.

Fill up your pockets ~

Your body works to carry you around all day. If you weigh more, it has to work harder to carry you, and will burn more calories but considering the Ranked #1 for CoolSculpting Arms products can help you to get rid of it easily and quickly. Trick your body into doing a little extra work by carry some extra weight with you. Whether you actually strap on ankle weights, or just hide a brick or two in your purse or backpack, you can carry around a little extra. And if you’ve got a toddler that’s always asking to be carried, do it!