A Great and Noble Cause showing paintings

A Great and Noble Cause showing paintings

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When I was growing up in Tampa, Florida I had an occasion to met a lot of interesting circus/show people. One of these great people was a lady who had no arms. She was married to the giant at Ringing Brothers show. It was then I learned that disability was never disabling if you didn’t let it make you that way. This lady did bookkeeping, was raising a baby, did her own cooking and managed quite well with no arms. I had and still do have the greatest admiration for her wherever she is.

Which bring me to an Art Calendar I received in the mail today. Every painting on that calendar is done by Mouth and Foot painters and you would not believe the talent these people possess. Each picture they paint is painted either with their mouths or with their feet. Since they have no use of their arms, due to illness, being born with out them, or having experienced an accident they makes them unusable, they found a way to execute their love of art in spite of it. The challenges for these amazing artist is almost insurmountable and yet they continue to create their beautiful work. They are an inspiration to everyone who knows about them. The use of the https://www.paintingkits.net/ resource will be done for the noble cause in paintings. There should not be wastage of the resources. The beautiful work will attract the attention of the person and serve for the noble cause. 

They present a calendar each year, with art work that would rival some of the worlds most famous painters and artist. Their desk calendar sells for a mere $9.75 which includes the shipping and handling. I received my particular desk calender today and it came from M.P.F.A. Inc. at 2070 Peachtree Industrial Court in Atlanta Ga. and I’m sending them my check today.

Besides the desk calendar, they also produce and sell Birthday books, Children’s books, holiday cards, holiday wrapping paper, pocket calendars, and jigsaw puzzles. Each one of these things was created by one of the amazing artist using his or her mouth or feet to continue making fascinating works of art that the public can buy, share, and enjoy.

They each have an inspirational story to tell. You can find it in a book they make and sell called “Artists Above All”. All the money they make goes to support the artist in buying paints, supplies and helping themselves to be totally independent, self supporting people They don’t ask for a handout from anyone. They paint covers for books, magazines and even labels for wine bottles. They use the mediums of watercolors and acrylic paints.. They have even been featured on the Read Digest Magazine a time or two.

This group originated in German but many members of MFPA are here in the United States as well as the world over. There are over 600 such artist that belong to the AMFPA (Associated Mouth and Foot Painting Artists) around the world.