A Resolution to My Back Pain

A Resolution to My Back Pain

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I suffered with back pain for years. The annoying ache was on the left side of my back. It felt like it was in the middle and under my shoulder bone. In order to get it treated, I even approached a Chiropractic specialist Doctor in Austin to see if I could get some relief. Some days it would be a dull pain and other days I couldn’t stand it. The only way I could deal with the discomfort was to lie down. Over the years, the back trouble got worse. There were days that my whole back and neck caused me much agony.

There were many chiropractors and a huge amount of money spent to fix this problem. The first chiro tried ultra sound, heat and adjusted my spine. The next chiro tried pressure points therapy. And I was getting massages; this would take away the pain temporarily. Before I moved to Texas, I saw three different chiropractors and the pain was never cured.

In Texas, I spent a year with this one chiropractor, who never fixed my back pain. He pretty much did the same thing when I visited. He hooked me up to these electrical things. It was like getting an intense massage. It felt good to have this done, but it didn’t take away my constant ache. But this chiropractor took x-rays of my spine; he discovered that I didn’t have much of a curve in my neck.

After a year with this chiropractor and no change, I found a different back doc. This guy was good and really friendly. If one therapy didn’t fix the problem, he would try something different. After I told him I didn’t have a curve in my neck, this sent a light bulb off in his head. He took x-rays and started me on this neck machine called a Posture Pump. I ended up buying one so I could do it at home every day. It cost $150, but well worth the cost.

Every night, I put my neck on my Posture Pump and do the therapy for fifteen minutes. I have to set a timer to go off so I don’t sleep on it. This has happened and I end up with a sore upper back. However, the fifteen minutes on this machine helps to maintain the curve in my neck that took many months of therapy on this machine to achieve.

I work at a computer all day so I end up with a sore neck and upper back pain. There are even days where I get headaches from working on my computer. My posture is horrible while I work and my head is stretched forward putting a lot of stress on my neck. After I do my neck therapy at night, I’m back to my old self.

Regardless of this great therapy discovery, I still had the same shoulder pain. I moved back to Denver, Colorado and it was this time that I stumbled upon a doctor, who was practicing an alternative therapy. It’s called bio-cranial. There aren’t many chiropractors who do this type of therapy. The basic principle behind it is that if your skull is in order the rest of you will fall into place. My chiropractor told me how bio-cranial was the only thing he found that resolved upper back pain.

Bio-cranial does work and the pain in my shoulder is gone. I have days where it will flare up. There’s something that I do that makes the pain come back. Plus, I haven’t seen my chiropractor in ten months so this doesn’t help to rid me of the pain forever. He is in Longmont, Colorado and I moved down to Denver. I don’t have the time to make the 45 minute trip due to work. I’ve been doing a lot of stretching, which has kept my back in order and I still do my Posture Pump therapy. Money has been tight so I haven’t looked for a chiropractor in Denver that practices bio-cranial. I will go back to chiropractic therapy when we have more money. I think monthly maintenance would be good for me, because I wake up with aches and pains in other parts of my body. When I have chiropractic therapy on a regular basis it helps to make my body feel energized.