A Single Mother’s Path to Financial Freedom

A Single Mother’s Path to Financial Freedom

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As a single mother, I, like many other women, face enormous stress in terms of finances, health and physical well being of myself and my children. Like many women in the United States, our time is scattered among busy work schedules and caring for children alone, often without much support from family or friends.

More than any other stressor in our lives, single mothers report they worry more about their finances than they do any other face of their lives. Without feeling financially stable, single mothers can push themselves into the realm of not only emotional sickness but physical sickness from the extent of worry. I know because I am not an exception to this finding.

One of the key goals for many single mothers is the dream of sending children off to college. Setting a goal to make this financial dream come true for your children is only part of the step towards creating financial stability. Often, without a dream or a goal, single mothers can become haphazard with their finances and often lose their way to learning how to cut corners on finances and reach an attainable goal.

With my personal dream, as a single mother, to send my son to college, I first began by consolidating and resolving my credit card debt. Even if I only had $5.00 to my name, I worked diligently to send in a payment to the credit card companies, continuously focusing on my ultimate life goal.

With determination, I looked for tuition jobs that way I can do something else as well. Since the timings with tuition jobs are quite flexible I was able to support my family financially. If you are looking for such jobs like me then you can follow the link for reliable recommendations. 

Once I was able to move from an out of control debit and credit card situation, I then moved into the realm of savings. As a single mother, I am often living paycheck to paycheck. For this reason, I devised a plan in which to have a specific dollar amount transferred to a bank that is located out of my immediate town, giving me less access to withdraw the funds for pleasure. In restricting my access to funds, to some extent, I was able to slowly build savings and continued to focus on my goal of sending my son to college.

One of my biggest challenges when raising children alone is the concept of saying “no” once in a while Because my children have done without many things, I often find it difficult to say “no” to their frivolous requests and, ultimately, this led a further depletion of my bank account. As a result, I continued to say “no” to their requests for material items that were not considered a wise investment and, ultimately, would not have proven effective and moving us into the goal of financially supporting them through college.

While the first 10 years of my son’s life were very challenging emotionally, physically and financially, I did come to finally learn the ways in which to build a savings plan for myself. By establishing a goal for my son’s education, and then practicing daily spending and savings habits with that goal in mind, the management of my finances became much less stressful and, ultimately, I was able to pay for, and send, my 18-year-old son off to college.