About Whale Watching in Florida

About Whale Watching in Florida

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Florida, unlike other popular destinations, doesn’t have a major whale watching industry. The lack exists primarily because most whales migrate to other locations during the year like the Bay of Fundy in Maine, Hawaii or Alaska. Despite the lack of whales to encourage the whale watching industry, Florida maintains a conservation effort for one type of specific type of whale.

The eastern side of Florida, surprisingly, seasonally hosts whales.

The primary source of whales off the coast of Florida remains the 300 Northern Atlantic right whales. Migrating whales of other species occasionally populate Florida waters.

Right Whale Facts
The right whale hunted nearly to extinction because of its slow-moving tendencies, remains on the endangered species list. Whale hunters have since moved on to more plentiful prey. However, ship strikes cause around one third to one half of Northern Atlantic right whales’ deaths. Florida does not contain the North Atlantic right whales source of food. During her stay, the pregnant whales give birth, nurses her calf for a few months, then swims north; she exhibits no feeding behaviors during this time.

Right whales usually give birth off the coast during the winter months.

Other wildlife
Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins are regular residents of the area.