Accommodation Options At Parc Esta Condo

Accommodation Options At Parc Esta Condo

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Parc Esta Condo is one of the best condominium in the city of Singapore. Singapore is a fast moving and well developed city. That makes it one of the best and most attractive city to stay in the country of Malaysia. People from all over the world arrive at Singapore for work and travel purposes which makes it an absolute hotspot in the South East Asian region. The availability of housing in Singapore is not very difficult, but can be really expensive if you consider getting yourself an apartment or a private house. Living in a condo is a more affordable and convenient option for a lot of people in this city. That is why the Parc Esta condo is so much popular. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss about the units that are available in the condominium.

Unit Layout of Parc Esta Condo

In the Parc Esta condo, there are a total of 3 units that are available for sale to the people. All the units have their own set of features and facilities which makes it easier for you to decide which one to buy according to your budget. Take a look at the 4 different layout of the condominium –

1 Bedroom + Study – the most affordable and smallest unit of all the ones that are available is the 1 Bedroom + Study option. This unit is preferable for bachelor or those who do not have the fantasy to live in a huge space. It is also good for a couple who can adjust to this space. The main door of this unit opens to the kitchenette and is along the wall just before the living room. Due to the size of the layout, it is difficult to bring out new variation the design of this unit. So almost all of them are the same to look at. You will find a c-shaped kitchen instead of a traditional one placed just along the unit wall. Thanks to this layout, it helps to improve the productivity that the kitchen offers to the people. For those who are in budget, and cannot afford to spend a lot of money on maintaining their house, this layout is the best option that they have now.

2 Bedroom + Study – the two bedrooms + study condo in the Parc Esta is the most popular and in demand layout. The bedrooms are placed side-by-side and has a conventional layout. The variation is made in the placement of the study room. In some of the layouts, the study room is between two bedrooms, whereas in some of the other layouts, the study room is directly opposite the two bedrooms of the unit. All these variations help the buyers to choose the right one that suits your needs the best. Additional features in the condo unit includes private foyer and the inclusion of an enclosed kitchen. Just because of the flexibility in the design of the layouts, this unit remains to be the most popular, as we already mentioned in the beginning. Whether you are a bachelor, have a family or want to use it for professional use, this 2 Bedroom + Study condo style of layout is suitable for everyone.

4 Bedroom Premium – if you want to live in style and do not want to compromise on the luxury and convenience of a big unit, the 4 Bedroom Premium unit is the best of them all. This premium unit has just been up for sale from October 2019. This 4 bedroom premium condo is for those who have a significant budget and want to lead the rest of their lives in extravagant comfort and facilities. Not many people can afford to invest in this condo, because it is expensive. A lot of people might be skeptical about purchasing a condo with 4 bedrooms and think it to be a waste of money, but the sheer advantage of the size helps you in the long run. The average cost of maintenance of the condo is anywhere between $200 – $240 every month. The layout of the unit is pretty standard with all the bedrooms have been placed side by side, along with a common corridor as well. The kitchen and storeroom also helps to add more depth of space in the layout. If budget is not a factor, then you can surely get this unit.

So, these are the different units that are available in the Parc Esta condo. Make sure to go through them and decide which one suits your need the best. Check out the details that we have provided and have a look at the best option. We hope you have a great time living and accommodating yourself in the Parc Esta condo in Singapore.