AFK Arena Review – An Excellent Combination Of Idle Gameplay And RPG Elements

AFK Arena Review – An Excellent Combination Of Idle Gameplay And RPG Elements

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AFK Arena is a really good role playing game with a turn based system. It improves on the standard features of the turn based RPG genre while updating carefully in the primary gameplay and main cycle of the game. Comparable to games like Marvel Strike Force, Heroes Charge, Empires and Puzzles, Puzzles and Dragons, Idle Heroes and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, it upgrades upon the formula of these tried and tested games. In this article, we will review and discuss about its gameplay structure, economy, and other important things that you want to know about when playing the game. On the other hand, if you are looking for AFK Arena Redemption Codes instead, be sure to visit our other articles. Without further ado, let’s start:

Although there is the word AFK in the title, AFK Arena is not an idle game, even though its marketing concentrates close to an Idle RPG video game such as Tap Titans as well as Nonstop Knight. The advertisements even make an effort to look just like an idle video game. However, apart from its misleading advertising, AFK Arena only have a few idle mechanics to it. The online game features automatic battles, quick progress if you are just beginning the game, and has a few automatic systems. However, this video game’s structure and player retention curve are all created upon prevalent turn-based-RPG systems of other games.

Core gameplay loop

Similar to games such as Heroes Charge as well as Galaxy of Heroes, the central cycle of AFK Arena is all about combating to obtain rewards that are employed to increase the level of your team. The complete game is concentrated on this gameplay loop, which motivates the player in numerous methods to complete and expand their collection. You should be informed about this core gameplay loop – because it is being used by literally every online game on the market that uses the loot and prizes mechanics. However, AFK Arena is different in that its battles have the idle gameplay feel to it due to automation. In the next section, we will review the battle section of the game.

Battle system review

The battle system is basic and demands hardly any input from the player. Much like Heroes Charge, the fight is automatic and quick. All of the heroes attack on their own, without input from the player. However, the player is required to press a button to trigger the special attack of their heroes. There is also an automatic mode, that once activated, the special attack of the heroes will be triggered automatically as soon as they are ready. If you take pleasure in the collection element of role playing video games, AFK Arena will be a good game for you.

The game truly mirrors the AFK in its name, and to tell the truth, it really feels good after playing other role playing games that call for a lot of input from the player. The video game comes across as being really passive, and created for mobile gaming with a low level of interaction with minimal focus required. The approach to this game is entirely centered on the heroes that you are taking into the fight and the way you lay down your characters on the field to some degree. The fighting system is not reliant on players’ capability to activate the special abilities promptly or being forced to make each and every attack choice in an RPG with a turn based system. Your focus is simply required now and then – so this game is ideal for being diverted in the course of conferences or playing a game while enjoying Netflix.

In-depth gameplay analysis

In addition to statistical benefits, the game features a quite simple element structure. There are 6 faction kinds, which provides a 25 percent incentive. This percentage advantage is pretty small compared to other games in the same genre. For example, the game Contest of Champions features 7 kinds of characters that are different from one another, while Galaxy of Heroes features a collection of labels and lastly, Fire Emblem Heroes possesses 3 main types with 3 minor factions which means 9 total factions. This game’s faction system is excellent, however more intricacy could certainly assist them in generating more reason for players to keep playing.

What’s fascinating about the strategy in this game is that the developers clearly award a flat party composition. Acquiring a team of 5 heroes together that came from an identical faction provides an impressive extra 25% damage and hitpoints bonus. This is sufficient to counteract the added bonus damage caused by a faction that counters your set of factions. AFK heroes is less about attempting to find out what is the greatest group combination there is, and more about building a team with all heroes coming from one faction only. This sort of approach is very far from what we are used to from other turn based RPGs, that promotes having faction combinations.

Every character have some innate synergy among other characters. For instance, Saveas is a hero with a skill that will result in him losing some health, but it will increase his damage per second values significantly. As such, it is a good idea to pair Saveas with a hero that can heal.

Pay to win elements

This game can be played for free, without spending a dime on microtransactions until you hit the paywall mid game, in which your heroes will be not adequate to advance. The game provides an extremely fast advancement early on, which slows down to a halt mid game. At some point you will not be making enough progress and you will be forced to play other modes. That problem can be solved with some injection of cash in the form of microtransactions. If you are looking for a game that you can play freely from start to finish, without any hitches, this game is not for you.