An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Buying A Turntable!

An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Buying A Turntable!

Music is one of the best things invented in the world. Music can fix all the problems and soothe the mind of a person. Music has a rich history as people are hearing different music since a long time and in the early age they used gramophones to produced sounds then they turned towards record players, and still, they are on it, but the only difference is that the modern record players better known as turntables are highly advanced and offers different amazing features. A turntable is a device that is used to play records by converting the vibrations into music.

A turntable has different parts such as platter, cartridge, tonehand, etc. Each one of them has various features and functions. There is a wide variety of turntables available in the market, and each one of them has different characteristics and is available at different prices. You must tell if any opinions on new turntables? i have my eye on this one as there are umpteen options and a novice can easily get confused which one to buy. To make the right decision, it is necessary to have good knowledge about turntables, and if you are a beginner and don’t have much knowledge about the turntables, then you follow some tips to choose the best turntable for you.

Top factors to consider while buying a turntable for the first time


The most important while buying anything is the price and turntables are not different as here too price is the biggest deciding factor while purchasing a turntable for the first time. The turntables are available in a vast price range, and each range offers a set of features. The more advanced the feature you need, the higher the amount you will have to pay for it. If you have a low budget, then you can buy the turntable available at a price up to $100 as it will fulfill all your basic needs. If you are not too confident about your decision making and experimenting, then it is the best option.

However, at this price range, you will have it compromise with the sound quality a little bit. The prices of turntable go up to $1000 and more you spend, better features and design you will get. You must be clear about all your needs and requirements as there is no use of investing a thousand dollars in a turntable if you won’t be able to use all its features.


Another essential thing to consider while buying a turntable is that if it offers a USB port or not. The USB port is one of the latest features introduced in the turntable and allows you to convert the records into digital mp3 files and store them safely. A USB port is expensive, so if you want it in your turntable, you may have to lose some of the quality for it, so you must choose it accordingly. You must do the right amount of research before settling on one. You must make some comparisons between different options to get a better idea.

Manual or automatic

In today’s highly modernized world, almost everything is automated. You must check that the turntable is automatic or manual as if it is manual, you will have to yourself queue the tracks and lift and place the tonearm to play the record. Automatic turntable do all of it automatically, so if love automatic things and are a bit lazy to pick up the arm and place it to play the record the automatic version better for you. In the automatic, you can start the music by hitting a single button, and it will automatically place the arm on the grooves and produce sound.


Another vital thing to check is whether the turntable is upgradeable or not as the technology keeps on changing as the time passes, and you will have to upgrade the turntable according to the trending technology. You must check that what parts of the turntable are upgradeable as there are some parts such as platter, cartridges, belt, etc. which you will have to upgrade after some time to make them work efficiently. There are some parts then cannot be replaced or upgraded; hence, after some time, they will become of no use and will make you waste your money. The upgrade helps you to stay with the time and enhances the sound quality and efficiently of the turntable, so you must check this factor while buying the turntable for the first time.

Second hand

If you are a beginner and are buying the turntable for the first time, then buying a second-hand turntable can be an excellent option for you as it can save you a lot of money and helps to get used to the device. Once you gain some expertise, you can buy a new one.