Best Tips That Will Help You Organize The Perfect Poolside Party

Best Tips That Will Help You Organize The Perfect Poolside Party

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The summers are almost here and it is high time that you start preparing your pool in your house. The kids and your other family members will be looking forward to making a dive into the water when the sun will come scorching down. A perfect poolside party is the best way to get going for the summer months. Everyone loves poolside parties because they are very fun and exciting. However, you need to keep in mind that, organizing one is never an easy task.

You will have to take care of a lot of things that will together help you organize a perfect party. If you have never been on the endeavour to organize a poolside party, then don’t worry, we have got you covered. In today’s blog, we will discuss important information regarding how you are going to organize the best poolside party ever. Meanwhile, if you are planning a vacation, then head out to the pool parties in Miami for fun.

Important Tips For Organizing Poolside Party

In this segment, we are going to discuss the most important tips for organizing a poolside party which will surely impress your guests –

  • Decide the poolside location

Do you have a pool at your house? Or you will have to rent a villa with a pool? Whatever be it, you will need to decide upon the location at least 5-6 days prior to the date of the party. If you want to host it at your house, make sure to inform your neighbours regarding the party and ask them if they have any problems or not. Also, discuss it with your family members. If you get the green signal, then you can surely do it at your home and attend your guests without any worry. If you are organizing at a venue, make sure to compare different venues in order to get the cheapest of them. It will help you save money!

  • Decorate the poolside properly

The proper decoration will always help to set the mood right in any event. Decorations allow setting the tone of the party in the right direction. You will need a lot of colours because at a poolside party you would want to have happy and fun vibes at all times. You can make use of Tiki Torches which look beautiful and can be a great way to light up the poolside in the evening. Use different summer inflatables like beach balls, flamingos, and ducks, then scatter them around the pool. Make use of streamers and balloons to decorate the area around the pool, this will make the area look more appealing.

  • Keep everyone hydrated

Since the party is going to be beside a pool, you will need to organize enough drinks for everyone. As the party will commence from the afternoon, your guests will be feeling more thirsty than any other time during the day. So, you can make fun drinks and serve them. Fill a big jug or cooler tub and pour the drink, which can be an orange juice, lemonade, berry cooler, etc., into it and keep paper cups which can be used to take the drink. If the party is full of adults, then you can keep the chilled beer as well.

  • Organize tasty and quick snacks

Everyone will be having fun and enjoying their drinks by the poolside. But they will surely feel hungry at some time. To provide the guests with some food, organize tasty and quick snacks. The ideal menu seems to be a balance between fresh and juicy fruits and some quickies like chips, pretzels or cookies. Keep all the food at the table, in different containers and ask everyone to help themselves whenever they feel hungry. You can also provide popsicles if it is too hot outside.

  • Make use of matching accessories

Matching the accessories of your friends will always help you connect with them even more. Before the day of the pool party, visit a pool shop and get plenty of accessories that can be provided to the guests – towels, sunglasses, cover-ups, and also flip flops. You can even select a bikini for your friend if she wants to wear it. Doing this will surely allow them to feel more special and they will remember the party forever.

  • You need the right music playlist

Every party is incomplete without the right music playlist. Subscribe to different online music platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube and various other, and you can play their special party playlists as well. Get hold of a good speaker to blast the music and set the mood for the party at it’s best from the very beginning.

  • Setup cosy poolside lounge chairs

Many of the guests would want to rest and relax a bit during the party and the best way to allow them to do so, is by setting up lounge chairs. Keep these chairs by the poolside, so that your guests can easily relax whenever they want. It is always nice to have a sitting area under an umbrella when you organize a poolside party.

  • Plan pool party games for everyone

In order to keep the guests entertained, you will need to organise some fun and exciting poolside games. There are several of them to choose from and each of them clearly provides a delightful experience to all the people participating. You can play pool race, Musical water balloon, Pool Volleyball, or even Greased Watermelon Relay Race. All of them guarantees an exhilarating time and great amusement to the guests at the pool.

  • Make arrangements for a meal

Maybe a barbecue or a bonfire, during the evening will make your poolside party even more memorable, isn’t it? Yes! It surely will. Not only that, but everyone will also be able to eat something after a fun day at the pool. Grill and cook some hamburgers, hotdogs, or grilled veggies for the guests. Or else, you can simply make a bonfire and order some delicious pizza! If you don’t have a barbecue, or there are many people, then the second option is feasible. Food is always a great way to delight your guests when they are at your party.

  • Clean the pool and nearby area

On the day of the party or a day before, you need to remember to clean the pool from all the dust and dirt that might have accumulated. Drain out the water and fill the pool with fresh water before the party. This will allow your guests to enjoy in clean and hygienic water. Dirty water is not a good sign and a lot of people will complain. Also, clean the area around the pool, especially if you have grass all around. Cut them short and make a suitable treading area. Maintaining cleanliness will keep others happy.

So, here are the top 10 tips that will help you organize your poolside party in a perfect manner. Poolside parties are always a great tool for socially bonding with your friends and family, so organizing one will be great fun. Keep these tips in mind and entertain your guests in the most amazing manner!