Cbd Vaping 101 – Top Facts You Should Know

Cbd Vaping 101 – Top Facts You Should Know

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CBD vaping is a relatively new concept in the world of CBD consumption. You must have heard of CD gummies, pills or tinctures. Well, vaping is a completely different form of consumption here. There is a misconception that CBD smoking and vaping are the same thing. But they are not. Smoking is when you smoke the raw CBD flower or bud. But vaping is a process where the CBD oil is charged or heated to generate vape. It’s to stress here that vaping is supposedly the best avenue to consume CBD oil at its best.

Advantages of CBD vaping

One of the best aspects of CBD vaping is that it assures super speedy action in comparison to CBD edibles. As per experts, when you vape, it takes 7 to maximum 10 minutes for CBD to get into blood stream. Thus, CBD vaping is extremely effective when you need CBD for emergency health conditions like chronic pain or epileptic seizures. In such situations you can’t really depend on CBD edibles as they take minimum 30 minutes to get into blood stream.

Then, CBD vaping assures great bioavailability for the user. When you vape CBD oil, your body gets 50 to even 80 percent CBD. But, when you take to edibles, your body only gets 20 percent maximum. More CBD your body gets, better will be the scope to reap the health benefits of CBD.

Vaping equipment

A vaping equipment comes with 4 main components- one heating element, battery, mouthpiece and chamber. The chamber or cartridge holds the CBD vaping liquid and the heating device heats up the liquid to produce vapor. Now, comes the importance of the mouthpiece. After the heating device creates vapor, all you would have to do is to inhale it with mouthpiece and lose yourself in moments of bliss. All the vaping equipments are battery operated.

It’s to stress here you can mix up the CBD liquid with flavored juice as well. For example, Hempzilla KI pods are available in a wide range of flavors, ranging from strawberry to mango to watermelon and so on.

Different vape styles

In regards to vape styles, you have got two options- tank and pen.

Tank style

As the name says, the whole device looks like a mini tank, just the way you find in e-cig tanks. These tanks need e-liquid, a mix of PG, VG, CBD and also flavorings. The device carries a heating coil which comes wrapped or filled with nylon or cotton or silica that helps it to absorb e-liquid into coils.

Pen style

They are long and sleek and hence the name “vaping pen”. These pens carry a chamber housing in-built metal-made heating coil. The coil sits at the bottom of the chamber and vaporizes CBD isolate concentrate that is placed right on it. One thing to remember here- you must replace coil periodically as it would burn after a certain number of sessions.

You must be extremely careful about the quality of CBD you use on coil here. Make sure to get only the purest CBD isolates for your vape pen.

Always make sure to buy your CBD product and vaping pen from a reputed brand. Don’t forget to check user and expert reviews and ratings of the product before buying. Start with a disposable pen or tank first. If it suits, you can buy a chargeable option.