Converters- Switch from Video to Audio in no time

Converters- Switch from Video to Audio in no time

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What is the one thing that you desire most of all in this world? What is the one thing that you want so badly that you tend to think of little else most of the time? What do is the one thing (or things) that can satisfy your hunger and thirst for everything for good and you feel that there is nothing more left to be desired or achieved?

It can be anything- an object that is very dear to your heart or your own relatives and friends for whom you are prepared to do anything for their happiness and welfare. A human being’s desire is unlimited and inexhaustible. There is no end to what he wants.

It is not that you will feel content and satisfied to get your object of desire, not one bit, sorry to say. On the contrary, it will only increase your desire and cravings for something new, which can be bigger and better.

What’s more, your basic and necessary needs get converted into desires, your desires into cravings and cravings into obsessions. Yes, you heard it right, you will become obsessed with the object of your desire and affection and no one is exempt from this temptation, be it man, woman, child or even animals.

Right from childhood, you want to lay hands on things that catch your eye. For e.g., babies, who can see and hear for themselves, become interested and curious about their surroundings once they become aware of it.

While they may not be able to understand certain incidents that go on around them, they become interested to see all that is going on. They want to know more about it and start communicating with parents by making sounds and gestures and slowly, but surely, understand and grasp the language that is daily spoken around them and gradually learn to speak.

The love of parents for their children is pure and selfless, as they do so only for their offspring to have a better life, without expecting anything in return. It becomes the moral duty of the offspring to care of his/her parents in their old age, not only out of duty, but to repay their love and affection, not to mention the numerous sacrifices they have undergone with trials and tribulations.

Thankfully, today’s parents, especially in old age, are quite content and are not dependent on their children for help and comfort. They love their kids, but also value their dignity and self respect and do not want to be a burden on their children.

They are smart enough not to squander their entire savings on their children, be it for responsible ones or the good-for-nothings. They have a great foresight in saving enough for their retirement and old age and live their last days with independence and a certain amount of dignity.

They value their reputation that will live on after they are long gone and also serve as inspirations to others, parents in their age group and the coming new generations as well, who too will reach their age in due course of time.

Similarly, you can see that technology has also undergone changes and transformations with the gradual passing of time, evolving and updating itself to cater to the new generation, like their human counterparts.

Today print and electronic media has paved way for social media, the digital revolution serving as a juggernaut for the new generation, with mobile phones with touch-screen and tablets slowly, but surely, replacing desktop computers and normal mobile phones.

Wirless networks and communications and Wi-fi have rendered telecom and fax machines obsolete. The social networking sites like twitter, facebook and instagram have helped in connecting friends and relatives, along with many new ones online, from different parts of the world.

The things that small children desire most of all is toys and goody goody things to eat, such as chocolates and sweets. In their little minds, they have no thoughts and worries and without a care in the world (no, that is for their parents and grown ups to understand). The daily schedule that they follow, not out of choice but by design, is play, eat, sleep and repeat.

They are the apple of their parents’ eyes and serve as a source of amusement for relatives and neighbors with their playful nature, naughty antics, pranks and their cute, innocent smile. They get to rule their house with their endless demands and desires, their whims and caprices, their stubborn nature due to love and pampering from their parents.

Indeed, childhood is seen as the best phase of the human life cycle. However, as they say, all good things do not last long, a baby transitions into a teenager and reaches adolescence on turning 18 or 19, having become more and more mature and learned, with school instilling moral values, education, discipline and ambitions to become a better person in the future.

Upon reaching adolescence, as mentioned above, he is fully equipped with the tools that he needs and the pressures waiting for him in the outside world. His talents and skills have been honed and polished by his teachers and parents, with friends providing him with help and moral support (and receiving it in return).

It is also the time when he tends to get confused between what is right and what is wrong, which entirely depends on his perspective, the values and upbringing he has been brought up with and the friend circle that he occupies, the last playing a vital role in moulding him into one of their own, thereby laying the foundation and determining what kind of person he will grow up to be.

After completing studies, comes the phase of earning to provide for himself and his family, who have left no stone unturned in giving him everything in life, often at the cost of their own dreams and requirements.

Social media has played a vital role in bridging the gap between the virtual world and the real world. Another important platform in this regard is youtube. It is a platform where you can stream and watch videos and listen to songs of your choice right from newer ones to the ones long forgotten with the passage of time. is an important site from where you can download anything of your choice, be it song or speech, old or new, in a fraction of a second that it has become a hub and popular past time for music lovers to download it from this site more frequently than others.

Those who are not comfortable with videos and want to listen to audio only, though with the same speed and tempo, have nothing to worry. You have different options and can convert youtube videos online to mp3 converters

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