Cost Comparison Of State, Private, And Community Colleges In Illinois

Cost Comparison Of State, Private, And Community Colleges In Illinois

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Living in Illinois and hoping to go to one of the numerous higher education institutions we have here in the state? Living anywhere in the United States and hoping to make the move to the Land of Lincoln in the noble pursuit of further education? You can become a History tutor in Singapore and earn some extra money to move here and pursue your dreams. Well here is a brief cost comparison across the educational spectrum along with some highlights of three such institutions in Illinois.



State : University of Illinois- Chicago (UIC) 

One of the largest universities in the state of Illinois with three separate branches as well as this writer’s Alma Mater is the University of Illinois-Chicago. The University of Illinois system consists of the Chicago branch as well as the Urbana-Champaign, and Springfield branches. This mammoth university is one of the biggest employers in the state and is a top tier research university. The Chicago branch (UIC) has a diverse student population numbering around 25,000 and consisting of both undergraduate as well as graduate students. A more careful look at the student population demographics can be obtained here. UIC has 15 different colleges to choose from in your educational pursuit and the nation’s largest medical school. 

Tuition for in state students/semester – $4,882    Tuition for out of state students/semester- $11,077    Total cost of attendance in state (tuition +fees + miscellaneous)/semester – $6,732-8,650    Total cost of attendance out of state (tuition +fees + miscellaneous)/semester – $12,927-14,845 



Private : Loyola University-Chicago 

What if you don’t envision yourself at a public university? You then always have to option to aim for one the numerous private universities available to you in Illinois. One such private university is Loyola University-Chicago located on the north side of Chicago. Loyola university is the nation’s largest Jesuit, Catholic University and has an enrollment of roughly 16,000 plus students on its campuses. It has over 71 undergraduate majors as well as a multitude of minors, master, and doctoral degrees available. The university has four different campus locations and dates back to 1870. 

Tuition/semester – $16,905.00    Total cost of attendance (tuition +fees + miscellaneous)/semester – +$17,500