Damaging Effects of Refined Sugar

Damaging Effects of Refined Sugar

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Refined sugar has devastating effects on our bodies inside and out. I believe that my personal struggle with sugar gives me the experience to discuss this issue with others. It has been a lifelong battle for me, but especially after I had my daughter. During my pregnancy I gained about 50 pounds and developed gestational diabetes. It was not because I was pregnant. It was because of what I ate. In the beginning, I ate really well and stayed away from the junk food and sweets. However, as my pregnancy continued I began craving everything sweet and lots of it. I could not get enough. It became a habit I had to feed. I found myself thinking about what I would treat myself with after work. Unfortunately, it did not change after I had my daughter. Even though I lost some weight right after delivery, it did not take me long to put it back on and then some.

Finally, I hit a breaking point. I had enough of watching my weight increase and my health decrease. I developed painful migraines. My joints and back began aching. I caught every cold and germ that floated my way. I made a decision to stop using refined sugar altogether. I began reading medical articles on the toxic effect of sugar on our bodies and what I read frightened me to the core. Everything that I was experiencing was an indication of sugar overload. I knew if I did not change something soon my health would spiral out of control.

On September 15, 2012, I went off sugar, dairy, and simple carbohydrates all at once. Now, let me tell you it was not a pleasant week for me or anyone around me. I literally went through withdraw symptoms. Actually, it hurt worse than when I stopped smoking over 16 years ago. However, as the days wore on, I began to feel better. It was as if the fog had lifted. The first thing I noticed was that my eyesight was clearer. Then, my mind was working faster and I could remember things more easily. The aches in my joints and back were slowly fading away. After a month, I realized that my migraines had disappeared before I was having one about every other day before.

I have now lost over 25 pounds. I still have more to loose, but I call this progress for me on a grand scale. I am not ever going back to sugar. I can not believe how wonderful I feel. There are magnificent alternatives on the market that can take the place of refined sugar. You can still enjoy flavorful food without the harmful effects of sugar. It is worth it for yourself, your family, and your friends. You just have to make the leap. If you are eager to learn more about this topic, why not find out more? There are some reliable sources online that you can go to for you to get the right information that you need.