Date Ideas For a Small Wallet

Date Ideas For a Small Wallet

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When it comes to dating, you do not really need anything big and wow every single date you go on with a person. While it is still nice to have those amazing dates that you will never forget, it is also okay to have a low profile date every now and then. This will show both you and the person you are dating that there are other things to do rather than going to a high star restaurant or amazing hot air balloon ride.

Another thing you may want to take into consideration when it comes to “simplified” dates is that the person you are dating will have a chance to see a whole other side of you and you will get to see a whole other side of them.

I have a couple easy going date ideas below. Feel free to use these as is or shake things up a bit with your own personal style.

Idea 1: Family night

Yes, I understand that many people classify dating as just them and the person they are dating, but you can also include your family once and awhile. I’m not saying every single date you go on or have needs to include your family, but maybe once or twice a month do something as a whole family. After all, the idea of dating is to find someone to marry. If the person you are dating will not fit in with your family and you do not find that appealing, it is good to know now before making a final decision.

An idea of what you can do on your “whole family date” is schedule a dinner night together. Invite your date and his/her family to have dinner with you and your family.

Plan a game night. Planning game nights for you, your date, and your families is also a good way to make laughs and get closer with each other. You could plan a night of kickball, volleyball, tennis, etc. Whatever will catch peoples’ interest.

Idea 2: Go for a hike

Hiking is a good idea for a cheap and simple date because there can be several hiking spots to be found that will not cost you a dime. It will give you and your date time to talk and get to know each other better and give you both exercises. This is what I like to call a productive date.

Idea 3: Go to the beach or a local lake site

If you live near the beach, that is the perfect place to have a date. Pick a day when the weather is nice and the sun is shining, grab your beach towels, and hit the sand. If you do not live near an ocean, you can visit your nearest lake site. A lot of lakes can be found with sandy beach side appeal. You can go swimming, lounge around, water skiing, boating, and jet skiing. A thin minimalist wallet at the beach will provide an intelligent image of the man. The carrying of the necessary things will be comfortable for the date at the beach.

Idea 4: Game night

Bring out the completive side of you and challenge your date to a night of board games or trivia like Scene It. If you are not good at these things, do not worry about it. Nothing says that your date is the master of all games; he/she is bound to fail at something sooner or later. Have a good laugh about your failings, if you do.

Idea 5: Movie night

Make a night to be just you and your date. Have a nice quiet movie night and watch whatever you would like. Pop some popcorn and sit back and enjoy. Sometimes it is nice to just enjoy a night of doing absolutely nothing and just being with each other.