Digitizing Embroidery- An Artwork to Success

Digitizing Embroidery- An Artwork to Success

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There are many skills that you may be an expert at as also skills regarding things for which you have little to no knowledge. You don’t have to feel ashamed if other people know about things that you don’t as that does not make you inferior to them in any manner.

There is a fine line of gap between knowledge and skills where both maybe interconnected to each other but having only one of them is of no use as only half the job is complete.

It doesn’t mean that you need to have sound knowledge of everything in the world as that is humanly impossible for even Einstein wouldn’t claim that he has learnt everything and does not need to do so anymore.

If you do come across any person who says that he has learnt everything then it is safe to assume that he is lying because a man keeps on learning till his dying day and there is no end to the vast knowledge that any living being can accumulate in a single lifetime.

Designer Logo

While we are on the topic of embroidery digitizing, it becomes important to mention that innumerable people want to know about this technique so as to employ their skills at the right place so that they can convert their passion into profession when they are doing embroidery online.

Embroidery digitization has software that conveys to your machine about the tips on how to stitch a design. This is only the beginning as there are so many things to cover up when it comes to digitized embroidery.

If you find a company’s logo printed on the front of your shirt, then it means that it is a form of embroidery digitization and this is how the makers promote and advertise their products into the open market.

Artistic Skills

People often wonder whether digitization requires artistic skills for making designer embroideries and it is one of the reasons why many people are skeptical about taking it up.

While you would be needing creativity and innovation, there is no need for artistry in this field as the basics say that digitized format of embroidery is similar to tracing, only in this case it is done through stitches.

Also, it all depends on your grasping power on how quick you are in learning the technique as the quicker you learn, the better it will be for you. You need to practice everyday on a regular basis without losing focus and do it as a hobby.

Quality Punch

Quality Punch is award winning embroidery digitizing website that will tell you all you need to know about this technique right from top to bottom along with its many types which include the finer points of vector format.

Embroidery digitizing relates to artwork and therefore requires advanced preparations in the form of study and practice. Luckily, digitizers cannot have the say on which design can or cannot be used and only take care of the stitching part of the used fabric


  • Be ready with the fabric design beforehand on which you need to design the embroidery
  • The next step is to iron the fabric so that it is free of the wrinkles and creases
  • Finally, the design should be placed under the chosen fabric and trace it with a pencil and in case the design is circular, you can use a compass