Do Bankruptcy Advantages Exist?

Do Bankruptcy Advantages Exist?

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Filing for bankruptcy might not be as bad as you think. Bankruptcy can actually rid you of your debt and save you a bundle for a small price. So do you want to know how filing for bankruptcy can help you? Well, here’s how.

When most people think of bankruptcy they have the impression that they are screwed and are a failure in life because they have hit rock bottom but in actuality they are setting themselves free of many financial burdens. Think about it, when you file for bankruptcy you are stating that you cannot repay your debt so everything that is yours is repossessed including everything you own and everything you owe. So you can forget about paying back your mortgage, car payments, student loans, credit card debts, and anything else. You are free and clear.

Sounds good? But what’s the catch? Of course you lose everything you own but you don’t have to worry about paying anything back. The thing that people fear the most is their FICA score dropping to a massive low and having the notice of bankruptcy on your credit report for 7 years. The real question is so why should you care so much for something that changes all the time and in time you can always fix? When you file for bankruptcy you have 7 years to bring yourself back up to where you were and by the end of that 7 year wait you would have enough money saved up for a down payment for your new home and your credit report would be free of bankruptcy and best of all, you are free of all your past debts.

Does this really work? I would think so because someone that my parents know did the exact same thing. This guy owned his own business and decided to file for bankruptcy so he decided to cash out on the opportunity. How you say? He bought as much stuff as he could and sold them for the fraction of their cost because he wouldn’t have to pay for anything plus he gets to pocket some money so he was totally double dipping the system. But remember, this method isn’t for everyone because things will be rough in the beginning. I don’t know about you but I really wouldn’t want to tarnish my credit score but for some people who wouldn’t mind because they’re going to use their spouse’s or someone else’s credit score to obtain a loan then they wouldn’t need to consider having good credit but the other person would really have to trust you to let you use their name. You have to be wise and careful in this kind of situation. You should take advice from a reliable lawyer like bankruptcy attorney san diego so that you will know exactly what to do. Their expertise and knowledge are very much helpful for you.