Do You Know Why Confident, Attractive, And Smart Women Have The Worst Dating Lives?

Do You Know Why Confident, Attractive, And Smart Women Have The Worst Dating Lives?

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Many women out there are gorgeous and intelligent, but it seems like they have terrible love lives. They can get any one of their choices. Still, they face difficulty in finding the perfect one. And it is not because they consider themselves better or think too highly of themselves. These women always want to follow their professional goals. It is for sure that they don’t fear to get hurt or played with their feelings by any men.

So, why they are not good at dating? Well, there are many reasons for it. If you are the one who wants to know them, then it is the right place to get answers. You will come to know about each aspect of why these women have the worst dating lives. But, they don’t intend to hurt anyone who comes to their lives and always wishes to remain independent. Let us discuss the reasons why confident, attractive, and smart women have terrible dating lives.

  • They are intimidating

Whether you believe it or not, these smart, successful, and independent women are pretty intimidating. There is something unique about them that many men think that they are bitchy and arrogant. Well, if you are about to believe in the same way, then you might be wrong. Actually, they are not. She wants to be the master of her own life, so she has high standards. Therefore, those men who think to date this kind of woman will end up boosting their ego and will forget ever to date such a woman. If you believe that searching for i love you quotes for her will work to change the present mood, then it might be the wrong way of thinking.

  • Always Picky

Dating such a woman will never be going to be easy as they are picky. It means they know their worth and understand what qualities a man should possess. They are not going to settle for that person who does not fit to get worthy of their love and trust. They will accept an independent, confident, supportive, loving, compassionate, and honest guy. If you don’t meet any of these criteria, then there is no chance to date such a woman.

  • These women are mature

Indeed, the older these women get, the wiser they are going to become. The women show intellectual and emotional maturity. It means there is no chance they are going to rush while making important decisions. Also, they try to ensure that everything must stay under control.

This kind of woman always acts according to the values and principles set by them. The best part is that they are not interested in useless things like gossiping, small talk, and worry about people who talk about them. Searching for i love you quotes for her will not work sometimes. But, if she loves you, then every word matters to her.

To sum up, these are the top reasons why confident, attractive, and smart women have the worst dating lives. But, it does not mean that they are not good for dating. They are fully committed to the person they love and stay honest in their relationships. Once she falls in love with you, then she will love you unconditionally, fearlessly, intensely, deeply, and wholeheartedly.