First Aid For Malfunctioning Appliances At Home

First Aid For Malfunctioning Appliances At Home

Just as how you have safety first aid kit to make sure primary care is given in times of any unfortunate accidents, you should have a first aid kit ready for your appliances as well. What is a first aid kit for your appliances you ask? That is your tool kit at home.

It is natural for your appliances at home to become defective at some point in time. What you should focus on is as to how to make them come into perfect or at least near-perfect working condition again. How do you do that? Let us discuss a few points that might help you make sure that your defective or malfunctioning appliance gets immediate action from your side before the arrival of the specialists or the service personnel.

These are some of the most basic steps that you can take by yourself, and these are:


  • Have you missed out anything obvious


Sometimes in our hurry, we forget to check the obvious few things like whether the switch is turned on, the plug has been connected to the socket properly, has the ‘on’ button been pressed, etc. The next basic thing to be checked is whether that particular outlet is getting current from the main current base at home. Some appliances may simply start to defect a bit due to overheating. If so, simply switch off the device for a while to allow it to cool down.


  • 50% rule


You should know the 50% rule well. According to this rule, if the appliance has already reached the mark of its 50% lifetime in years ( this can be read in the user manual that comes with the appliance and is also available on the internet), and if the cost of repair is high, then you should replace the device instead to reduce the cost incurred.


  • Moving part rule


If the device has any moving parts, then listen to that part. If there is any malfunctioning happening in the appliance, then that will become apparent through the noise that is emitted by the moving part of the appliance. This can be seen in devices like fans, air conditioners, etc. Any sound that seems out of place is indicative of a defect that is developing or has been developed in the appliance. You should make sure that it is immediately rectified.


  • Refrigerant cycle


Every appliance is fitted with a refrigerant. A refrigerant is a part of a device which ensures the cooling down of the device after its use. You should understand when the refrigerant’s action starts in a device. This will help you in making sure that the device is used accordingly and that it gets the required amount of rest and cool-down period, which will ensure that the device does not get defected soon. The refrigerant cycle differs from product to product depending on the use that the product serves and its average usage time needed by an individual to complete the task that it helps in performing.


  • Keep with you a good quality multimeter


A multimeter is a small device that helps check the voltage that is currently being given out by a socket. This will ensure that a device that is plugged to a particular socket does not start malfunctioning because of any short circuit problems. There is also the possibility of the other end of the spectrum happening, i.e., the appliance getting spoilt because it receives lesser voltage than it should. Both these cases are harmful to an appliance and can, therefore, lead to the malfunctioning of the appliance.


  • Know your wires


Every electrical device and appliance has wires and hoses. You should know which wore goes where and what is its purpose in that particular appliance at that position. Thorough knowledge of your appliance, its various parts and its wires can help you understand the part of the product that is most likely affected. When you understand this, as to where and why the product is malfunctioning or having defects, then it will be easier to come up with measures to make sure it is dealt with suitably. So, you should know and understand the use of every wire in the appliances that you own.


  • Appliance error codes


Every appliance has an error code. An error code is basically an indication by the appliance to you that there is something wrong with it and that it needs attention from your side. Currently, almost all error codes are available on the internet. You can easily get to know about it by typing and searching for your appliances’ error with its product and model number.

These are some of the most important points that you have to keep in mind while trying to minimise the defect by addressing the problem yourself first. The most important thing in all these points is to note that screwdriver is not the only tool that is to be part of your toolkit. Buy a wholesome toolkit which will help you in times of adversity. Solis Appliance Repair in Orlando is very helpful in trying to sort out the defect in your appliance.