Ford Gear up on the eve of GM’s IPO

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The two Big Bulls are all set to fight as the current largest shareholder of American Auto Industry Ford is all set to widen the gap between the forthcoming models of GM. General Motors is now trying to share more of the market share than the furious Ford. The Government has also announced to stay far from any controversies and have decided to sit on the back seat. The IPO of General Motors is gaining more and more popularity and also is counted as a crucial role player before the midterm election of America.

Ford is right now enjoying the place of the leading automaker and employment offered of the country but the reputation and the recent results show that there are many chances that the dealers of Ford or even the users of Ford can be switched on to GM. To prepare for the same, Ford has started to take on the charge and is now competing for retaining the first position. This could be the first occasion when the company is seen as the struggling ones compare to any other brands in the America Market.

Nevertheless, this fight between two giants can be proved a blessing for the common people. We are just waiting for the better qualities and cheaper car prices irrespective of Ford or General Motors, right?