Getting Acquainted With The Reign Of Oriental Carpets Over Post-Modern Decore

Getting Acquainted With The Reign Of Oriental Carpets Over Post-Modern Decore

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The revival of the popularity of all things unrefined and primitive is now conformal to the prevalent hipster culture. This postmodern style of life has redirected the world’s attention to the once forsaken, Berber rugs. These rugs or traditional carpets are a native hand-woven product of the indigenous tribes of North Africa. The inherent rusticity of these carpets has been appealing to the designers of the west since the mid-twentieth century. Ever since the introduction of the Berber rugs in the western marts, they have touched a portion of almost every elite household. There is a raw beauty in these uniquely designed rugs that blocks the trite refineries and appeals to one’s intrinsic aesthete.

A product that has its own cultural ethnicity

These rugs are primarily handmade by the nomadic women of the Berber or Beni Ourian tribes. This handicraft is a traditional heirloom of these clans and has been passed down from their ancient ancestors. The rugs are primarily made of organic fibres such as wool or goat’s reed and camel’s skin. Since these rugs are made by tribesmen living in isolation, the patterns on them are made using secret looping techniques. Berber rugs are highly inspired by nature and have a distinguished pastoral vibe that could add a classical feel to any room.

Breaking the stereotype of refulgence

There is a high rising demand in the market for Berber rugs for their plain designs and undefined finishing. These attributes go very well with the current trend of minimalism. Any modern household opting for minimalistic décor normally go with the Berber rugs to enhance the trancelike effect. Transcending the gaudiness and flamboyance of the Victorian and modern stylistic features, the Berber rugs are an embodiment of simplistic postmodern décor. Another reason behind the inbuilt aesthetic quality of these rugs is that the woven designs on them are highly symbolic. This is essential because the tribal women bring out their culture and traditional values through the motifs they create on them.

Why choose a Moroccan carpet?

A single Berber rug can change the whole look of your room. Most buyers used these traditional rugs to add vibrancy to their rather mundane interior. The monochromic Berber with their elegant messy finish can add volume to a scantily decorated living-room. These organic rugs are so soft to touch and also hypo-allergic that you could even place them at your bathtub area. This way, they can also be used as your towelling mattress whenever you step out of the water.

Berber rugs are invaluable

Berber rugs are a primitive artwork and they not only offer as a mere piece of room décor but also a fine collection of antiquity. These carpets are eco-friendly as well as ethnic. Often expensive, these Berber rugs are still worth the price you are asked to pay for them. This is because of the distance it travels from its place of origin to your lavish residence. Also, the productions of these rugs are the primary business and a source of livelihood for the Berber tribes. These are a few reasons behind the high price of the Berber rugs, which is neither improbable nor unfair.

Are you are a hoarder of rich antique artefacts? Or do you seek to reform your décor into a more soothing and country style? Then Berber rugs are the best choice for you. Woven in raw beauty with a tinge of pastoralism, the Berber rug is undoubtedly a prized possession of any modern household.