Getting Gifts For The Men In Your Life

Getting Gifts For The Men In Your Life

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With Christmas looming around the corner you may be wondering what kind of gifts to get for the men in your life that aren’t necessarily your significant others. There are all kinds of goodies that you can put in their stocking this holiday season and here are a couple of ideas to help you along the way.
Business Card Holder-these are nice little handy devices for the businessmen in your life who want something to hold their cards so they don’t tear or get smudged while they’re out and about. I like this gift because it is something you know that they will use in their everyday life and it’s practical as well as thoughtful.

Pens-like the aforementioned gifts, this is a practical and thoughtful one because they can use it in their everyday life. You can even get their initials engraved on some pens or their business name (if they have their own business). This is a gift that they will be able to carry around with them all the time and they will use it all the time.

Bobble-Head-guys like this toy for some reason. They can put it on their desk at work or at home and the trick is finding out what kind they want; a sports figure, or action figure (Star Wars tend to be really popular) this is something that they will really like if you get it for them.

Handheld Games-you don’t necessarily have to buy a system like a Nintendo DS or a PSP but you can get games like poker, blackjack, or even Sudoku in hand held form so they have something to help kill the time if they’re waiting on a train or just waiting in general. Plus Sudoku helps keep the mind sharp so that’s an added bonus.

Car Baby-I had one of those for a while that my husband had bought it when lived in California. It is a type of hand held device that you hook up through your radio so your car is like a headset. It helps make driving a little easier and safer because they won’t have to be talking while you’re trying to drive.

Novelty Bottle Opener-you can get one of these with their favorite sports team on it or you can get one that sings a drinking song when you use it. Whatever the case this is a small but fun gift that he will use for his days off when he has time to relax and let loose.

Sunglass Visor Clip-small and affordable this is something that they will use in their everyday life. They can attach it to their car visor and keep their sunglasses there when they’re not using them. I like this because it is something that they might not have but they will enjoy it and use once they get it.

Belt Buckle-maybe it’s just Texans but guys love neat belt buckles. You can get them buckles in the shape of a state (Texas anyone?) or even buckles that can light up or have phrases written on them like a scrolling marquee. Just something fun for when they go out or just to have it it’s doubtful they would wear a blinking belt buckle to work.

You may also want to give your man the best travel wallet. This is perfect if he is always out of town for business and professional purposes. There are travel wallets that are modern designed. So it is both practical and stylish at the same time.

Here are just a couple of things for some of the men in your life. Hopefully they enjoy the presents as much as you enjoyed getting it for them.