Hair Remover Made Easy

Hair Remover Made Easy

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Roll-On Hair Remover by Clean + Easy (a registered trademark of . I prefer the Sensitive Skin Formula.

This is the product I have been using this product for years. Recently, I realized there are many people in need or in search of a really great product that allows you to remove unwanted hair, quick and effectively. This is that product. It is everything you wanted to know about laser hair removal. It is fast and easy to use and you can get a bottle of the roll-on size 4.2 oz for only $5.00 at Sally Beauty Salon. I am enrolled in the Sally Beauty Club (it only costs $5.00/year). If you enroll or already are in enrolled in the program then you get a discount as well (and no I do not work for either company nor do I get paid to review their products).


Do a patch test before every use. If skin appears normal after 24 hours, proceed. Use as directed.

Roll product on unwanted hair (arms, body, legs, bikini area). (I recommend doing this while in the bath tub.)

Wait 10-15 Minutes and then rinse off the product under the running facet, or get a thouroughly wet warm wash cloth, then test a small area to see that the hair comes off. If ihair remains, wait 5 more minutes (that’s 15 minutes total) . Rinse off product.

When towel drying do not scrub skin dry. Afterwards always gently blot skin with a towel. Once you have rinsed product do not apply any type of soap or lotion to the skin that had the product on it. You do not want to irritate the skin. As always do not use any Depilatory Product on broken, cut or irritated skin.


The benefits of using this product are smooth skin, you can buy the sensitive skin formula and never have to worry about rashes (unlike NAIR, which gives me a severe rash and does not work). The product does have a somewhat strong smell, but it washed right off after the 10-15 leave on time.

I tried many products before finding Clean amp; Easy, that is why I like this product so well. I have sensitive skin too so that made it even harder to find a product that worked, and a product that didn’t hurt my skin. That is when I found this product, and then I got to stop looking, finally. That is why I want to share this information with others, those who need it and are ready to stop searching.


Sally Beauty Supply – – Look for the Roll-On Hair Remover Depilator made by Clean and Easy. It comes in a box and the product is in a roll-on container (much like a deodorant, but bigger).

If you have a problem with unwanted hair then I recommend you try this product, I assure you that the results will be positive.

This is a fabulous Product and I cannot say enough about it! Let me know your opinion!