Here Are The Cameras For Vlogging Under $500 Aud

Here Are The Cameras For Vlogging Under $500 Aud

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In recent years blogging has gained so much popularity and being successful together with a massive number of public gatherings and attention on social media. Because they provide valuable information on any topic and they help many peoples in specific ways to live a better life with the help of video when a blog is represented and present in front of people, this is known as video blogging. But the main problem which every blogger’s face is the initial investment which is needed to be done, and we all know about the fact that cameras are expensive so with the help of this article we will come to know about the best camera under $500.

Premium cameras under $500

Sony RX

One of the premium cameras when it comes to blogging and does not even make a hole in your pocket because of its price and overall quality, this camera is the best vlogging cameras. As it comes under the roof of professional cameras, which have every DSLR in it, so it has the capability two capture the best images without any struggle also the portability level of these devices as it is handy to use. One can use it without any risk of damage, which is one of the essential things for any blogging camera.

Olympus Mark II

If you are a beginner in the field of blogging and want to purchase a camera in a low budget, then surely, this camera is your partner. Because it is only $300, which has an inbuilt Wi-Fi process as well as S3 sensors to improve the overall image quality, if you want an extra lens, then it cost you much more. Still, the glasses that the company gives with the device are enough and sufficient to capture the quality of images without any effort also when it comes to casual video. The shooting of these videos is also quite impressive as it can shoot up to 60 p, which is almost the best in its class, and this is the main reason why people love this camera.

Sony hundred

The best and most affordable camera in the market, which only comes into 250 Dollars, the camera can capture 20 M.P videos with the help of a sensor, and it is one of the smallest cameras which have the best DSLR qualities. When it comes to Goa images and video shooting, then clearly, it is the clear cut winner of the market. Also, this is the only camera that is waterproof in its class, and this is the main reason why people are relying more on Sony products as compared to others. Their Goodwill is increasing significantly in the market.

Canon mark 2

The Camera which has incredible features even in small and compact body size and the device is only 200 gram, and it is the lightest gadget ever produced by a canon. Honestly, it makes it under the percent of best device despite it only has 1 inch of an image sensor in it. Still, with the help of 16 megapixels of 1.2 aperture camera, they can easily e give us the best possible image in low light. Also, it can capture full HD videos UPTO 60p, which only this device has, and it has remarkable pocket-friendly sensors. After sale service is also best and when it comes to image stabilization which helps us to eliminate the blur factor from any image.