Hiring An Article Ghost Writer Vs. Using Plr

Hiring An Article Ghost Writer Vs. Using Plr

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PLR is a hot topic to discuss in the internet marketing world. One of the constant struggles of all internet marketers is how to come up with fresh new material time and time again. PLR has come to the rescue for some. As more and more people turn to PLR though, PLR becomes less and less unique to search engines. This is where an article ghost writer would be the best solution to content creation problems.

What Is PLR?

PLR or Private Label Rights is material that is created with the express purpose of selling it to multiple people for use on the internet, and in product creation. When purchased, ownership rights come with the product so the buyer is able to claim the content as his own. While this sounds like a great deal, it doesn’t always benefit the buyer.

If you’re using article marketing to rank well in search engines PLR can definitely help you get content out there. However, if you’ve used this PLR to get content out there chances are someone else has used it as well. That’s where the problem with PLR lies. If you’re submitting duplicate content, or PLR someone else has already submitted to article directories it won’t serve it’s intended purpose. It will actually hurt you in search engine rankings. An article ghost writer could have written a completely new article for you.

How Is PLR Used Successfully?

To combat the duplicate content issue, internet marketers developed a technique called “spinning”. What “spinning” PLR consists of is selecting various words and phrases through out the article and replacing it with synonyms and phrases. Basically creating new content with the same meaning. That sounds pretty cool right?

There’s still a problem with this technique. Again, you run into the problem of not having unique content. There are only so many synonyms and similar phrases a person can use to say something. If you by chance use the same sentence or paragraph as someone else, you’ve got duplicate content again.

The Best Solution To Avoid Duplicate Content

Wouldn’t it be easier to hire an article ghost writer that you know for a fact will ALWAYS write 100% original and unique content for you? In the amount of time it takes to spin an article, an article ghost writer can usually write a completely new article from scratch. Another way of hiring the best ghost writers is through an affiliate Institute. However, with several service providers in the market, looking for the best one can be daunting. So it is recommended to see some videos about Affiliate institute if you’re not sure.

Ghost Writers Cost Too Much Don’t They?

If you consider how much time it takes you to spin an article, and the quality of the final product after spinning you’ll see that a spun PLR article actually costs you more in the long run. Your time is the most precious asset you have, so spending time on spinning alone costs more than the $5-$10 it may cost to get a well written article. Also once the article is spun, it usually reads like an article written by a non-native English speaker. This will not achieve the desired outcome of engaging readers for long once they have a difficult time reading your newly spun article.

While hiring an article ghost writer may seem like the more expensive option on the surface, when you look a little deeper you’ll realize it’s the best investment you can make for your article marketing pursuits. When a well written article brings in a steady stream of traffic and sales, I think you’ll agree!