How Oiling The Blades Of Hair Clippers Are Helpful For Long Time Use

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Hair clippers are a necessity in our lives and its demand has increased to a great extent recently as many people prefer designing their hair or beard all by themselves at home using several tools and hair clippers are the most important ones in that list. But many people are unaware of how to maintain clippers and also protect themselves from any related issue. One major aspect is that you should oil hair clipper blades. But this should be done with some precautions so that the oil does not enter into the mortar of the hair clipper and cause any damage. Hair clippers can be considered the most affordable option to stay in style since most standard salons are very expensive. With this appliance, you can simply trim your hair anytime.

Why it is important to oil hair clippers

Oiling hair clippers help to increase the longevity of the clipper and helps to maintain its function. The oil is used for lubrication purpose and any oil like coconut oil, baby oil or trimmer oil can be used to oil hair clippers.

How to oil hair clippers?

It is the blade of hair clippers which needs the oiling. in such case just point the blades downwards and put oil on the blades. Make sure the excess oil seeps away and any oil does not enter into the mortar. Oil entering into the mortar of the hair clippers may cause damage to them. But before oiling makes sure you clean the hair clippers properly. This is to prevent trapping of any undesirable microorganisms.

How often should you oil the hair clippers?

It is ideal for oil hair clippers once a month for personal appliances. However, if you are operating a hair clipper for professional purpose and using it multiple times a day make sure you oil the blades of the hair clipper once every day.

Are professional cordless hair clippers better than a regular one?

Professional cordless hair clippers are better than regular ones if you use hair clippers very frequently. Otherwise, if you occasionally use hair clippers it is better to get an ordinary hair clipper as they are much cheap as compare to the professional ones. Just oil your hair clipper with one or two drops of oil every time you use it and thus you can increase the longevity of the product.

Quick hack for oiling the hair clipper

Since oiling hair clippers are an absolute necessity you should just remove the blade from the cordless hair clipper and then oil it and wipe off the excess oil before putting it back on the main appliance. Thus, you will have clean lubricated clippers. While putting the blades back make sure that they are aligned properly. While buying a hair clipper make sure that you buy a user-friendly appliance whose blade can be easily removed and then placed back without undertaking much hassle.

How to sanitize the clipper blades after use?

Use cool care and similar items to sanitize and disinfect the clipper blades. This is very important from the hygiene point of view. If proper disinfection is not done then there may be undesired microorganisms present on the blade. During oiling, these undesirable particles will stick more firmly to the blades and will be a breeding ground for such diseases.

Besides these never wrap the hair clipper chord around the blades. This will cause wearing of blades more quickly. For increasing the longevity of the blades make sure you turn them upside down when not in use and also cover it with a protecting comb that comes with the majority of the appliances.

Never forget to read the customer reviews of a brand of hair clippers before ordering it.

Thus, hair clippers are an excellent tool for styling and maintaining hair and beard. If you have knowledge about styling then this is probably the best and the cheapest appliances for you. You can stay in style without spending much money. Most clippers are available for quite cheap prices and you can easily get your hands onto a clipper. Try to buy a rechargeable battery-operated hair clipper as it is the easiest to use one.