How To Choose Between Purchasing a Class A And Class C Motorhome

How To Choose Between Purchasing a Class A And Class C Motorhome

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If you are in the market for an RV you have many choices available. This article will help those who have decided on purchasing a motor home, determine whether they need a Class A or Class C.

The first consideration you need to address is sleeping arrangements. How many passengers will you have, and what type of sleeping arrangements do you need? Different categories of the motor homes are available for the survivors. The selection of the right can be done from sell my motorhome site. The damaged motor homes can be sold at the site.

Class C motor homes typically sleep more people in the same amount of space, than a Class A motor home will. Class C’s are usually designed to sleep as many people as possible, therefore they utilize as much space for sleeping as possible. Class A’s often cost more and are designed to accommodate senior couples, whereas a Class C is more family friendly. The biggest factor is the bed over the cab in a Class C. This bed is typically queen size and sleeps two adults or several children comfortably. However, it is a short climb and senior citizens may find it easier to sleep on the lower beds. Both Class A’s and Class C’s can come configured with a rear bedroom with a queen size bed.

Size is a consideration when purchasing a motor home too. You must consider where you are going to park it, when you are not on the road. Also, some people find the longer coaches more difficult to drive because of turning, parking, width, and etc. Some campgrounds reserve spaces for RV’s of a certain length. Other RV campgrounds may restrict access to those vehicles over a certain length.

Other considerations include the comfort of the driver and passenger while driving. Class A’s typically have more legroom than a class C does.

Class C motor homes are typically from 24 to 31 feet long. Class A’s are typically from 30 to 40 feet long. They may be other lengths but these are the most typical that you will see.

Gasoline consumption is another factor. Diesel engines consume less than gas engines, but most motor homes are gasoline. Normally the larger the vehicle the more gas it will consume.

Once you decide between a Class A and Class C, you need to decide what layout you like the best. The best way to do this is to walk through several motor homes. If there is an RV show in your area it will make this easier. Do not just go to one dealer because often each brand has similar layouts. You need to view several different plans to decide what you like.

Options to consider include bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen size. Most companies offer slide outs which can increase all of these options, except the bathroom.

Class A motor homes typically cost more. Most Class C’s start about 40k and go up to 75k, possibly over 100k. Class A motor homes run from about 75k to 300k and some can go as much as a million dollars.