How to Choose Shoes that Make Your Legs Look Longer

How to Choose Shoes that Make Your Legs Look Longer

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Nothing looks sexier on a hot summer day than a pair of long, tanned legs. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with the seemingly endless appendages of a supermodel. The good news is you don’t have to be genetically blessed with long, slim legs to get that coveted long-legged look. Your selection of shoe can play a critical role in how long your legs appear. Here’s how to select shoes that will make your legs look longer:

Choose flesh colored shoes.

Flesh colored shoes, particularly ones with a heel, can add the appearance of leg length by creating a seamless line between your leg and foot. Plus, a flesh colored shoe can be quite versatile particularly during the summer months when you can pair them with all of your light summer clothing.

Look for pointed toe shoes.

When selecting a shoe to make your legs look longer, avoid squared off toes which can visually shorten the leg. Instead look for shoes with toes that come to a point. These tend to extend the line of the foot and leg giving the appearance of additional leg length.

Go for a monochromatic line.

Whenever possible, keep your shoes, hosiery, and clothing all one color. This creates a long, unbroken line that can visually lengthen the leg and give the illusion of additional height.

Choose open shoes.

To make your legs look longer, choose shoes that have open toes or open backs such as a slingback shoe to make your legs look super long and lean. Skimpy little shoes with a heel tend to make the legs look longer. Heavy, closed toe shoes such as pumps can visually subtract height. Avoid shoes with ankle straps since they cut the line of the leg making legs appear shorter.

Choose a heel over a flat.

It goes without saying that wearing a heel is going to give you more height and the appearance of a longer leg length. Just don’t go overboard and try to stumble around in stilettos just to make your legs look longer.

Shoe to avoid

As previously mentioned, stay away from shoes with ankle straps or ties as well as chunky, heavy shoes that completely cover the foot. When choosing boots, avoid ankle boots since they cut the line of the leg. Also avoid ballet flats and completely flat shoes. They can make even legs of normal length look short and chunky. Moreover, you should avoid shoes that are not comfortable or not have the best shoe inserts. Using shoes with bad sole can damage your legs and will ultimately lead to ortho problems.

Why not head to your local shoe store when you’re wearing a skirt and spend some time trying these different styles. You’ll soon discover which styles make your legs look longer and are the most flattering to your leg shape. When you find shoes that you like and feel good on your feet, consider buying more than one pair. Nothing beats a great shoe for making your legs look fantastic!