How To Choose The Right Size Grow Tent

How To Choose The Right Size Grow Tent

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Gardening is an interesting hobby if chosen, however, everyone cannot take care of it nicely. The best activity once can engage in is Indoor gardening because even if you do not have huge land, you can do it indoors and can grow tents that you will be able to carry form your farming.

Indoor Gardening can be done by choosing right size tent to grow crops hydroponically. You just have to figure out the number of plants that will fit in your grow tent. By taking the correct estimate of space, the plants need can be compared with the grow tent space. With the help of growing tents, you can do gardening even if you have less space.

Grow tents are available in different shapes and sizes, hence giving controlled plants. Lighting being slight different in every tent, select your option wisely. Most of the grow tents include grow light, growing tent kit, carbon filter, fans and ducting.

There are multiple factors considered to buy best grow tents for indoor plant growing.


As we are aware that growing tents come in various sizes with different shape, hence, you need to concentrate on the required height. Height will also determine the lighting as small and short tents do not require intense light. Avoid using harsh lights as this might burn the plants in tent. Height will also determine the space needed for plants without giving any effect on accessories installation.


The main focus when buying a grow tent should be on the space you own. Take the correct measurements before buying the tent as it needs proper setting and maintenance. All make sure to know what plants you wish to grow. Along with all this also check the material quality, so it does not spoil the plants.


When buying grow tent, choose hydroponic tent to provide right moisture to plants. It is very important for plants to get right ventilation for healthy growth. Hydroponic tents gives the correct temperature control and controls the humidity level. Also check the fans used in tent to keep them odor free and fresh. Keep a special detail on air circulation.

Accessories, Features and Components

The accessories, features and components are the key point to notice when getting your grow tent. You efforts might go futile if there is no proper support system, lighting or fan. Check if tent comes with all these accessories, else you have to buy them separately. Getting a complete package is better and budget friendly.


Check the price of the tent you all planning to buy with all required components. Before purchasing to market research and check multiple models according to your need and space. Avoid going for cheap tents as they may affect the growth of plants. Choose the tent within your budget with all features to avoid unnecessary purchases.

Along with all these factors also check how many plants can be grown in your tent, as hydroponic tents allow multiple plants depending on the size of the tent and pots. People who prefer small plants, this tent is really useful or them. It is advisable to have 4 plants at a max under single light. Check the manufacturer’s handbook to get better clarity on the number of plants.

Not only this you should mount the tent in a corner. The reach-in access, door and viewport should not be blocked. Also ensure that vents and ports are located conveniently to provide adequate ventilation and circulation. All accessories are powered up as power supply cannot be ignored. Hence, try to maintain stable power source.

If you are planning to place the tent in complete occupied room with much activity, then try to have good light blocking capacity to ensure the atmosphere is not affected inside the tent with external pressure. Also look for a tent that has storage capacity to keep all your gardening tools and supplies handy and at one place. Easy access to grow tent will be an added advantage if kept in less disrupted space.

So, choosing and selecting a correct sized tent is very important, however, it depends on your needs and space as it will give a perfect indoor garden to fulfill you gardening passion and hobby.