How to Choose the Right Type of Varnish for Home Use

How to Choose the Right Type of Varnish for Home Use

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If you are painting decorations or designs on items such as furniture, looking to get a special effect on a piece with the aid of a varnish, or would simply like to protect naked wood but are uncertain as to how to proceed for the best results, the following guide will help you to find the right type of product for the job you would like to do. Remember when using varnish to work in a well-ventilated area and if possible, wear protective clothing and gloves. This is where you can take help from best kreg jig system. This way you can learn about the best varnish for home use along with its pros and cons.

One: Crackle Glaze Varnish: The first type of varnish you can purchase has become rather popular with the home improvement encompassing period pieces and embracing old and worn as a trendy look (an oxymoron at best, I know). To get the look of a cracked surface that mimics an antique or is meant to look well-seasoned (or aged) you can purchase a crackle glaze. This is a water based varnish which makes the top layer of a surface crack over the lower layer. Look for online reviews from consumers and/or get professional recommendations prior to purchasing this type of varnish because not all crackles are created equal.

Two: Button Polish Varnish: this water base varnish is used to seal your bare wood if you are looking for a natural look. It is simple to use and gives a strong outer coat to protect the finish of wood in such a vulnerable state.

Three: There are several types of varnish you can get to achieve a gold or other metallic finish and still protect the wood. Gold Size and Japan Gold Size are great for use with Gold Leaf. Bronzed powders come in variations of metal shades and can be used over gold size.

Four: Polyurethane is made from an oil base and is very strong. You can get it in gloss, mid or matte finish. It works wonderfully well but it also dries very slowly so you must be sure that adequate ventilation takes place during the application and drying procedures.

Four: Acrylic Varnish: This traditional type of varnish is made from a water base and is very common in household use. You can get it in a gloss or flat finish and you can get it in spray or liquid form. It is not as durable as Polyurethane Varnish but is still successfully used in a wide variety of projects in and around the home.

Five: Tinted Varnish: You can get a tinted varnish that is oil based for naked wood or paint that is designed to age an item. Or you can get an acrylic base for a variety of other uses. Be sure to check online for customer reviews on the different types and then consult a professional for advice as well since there are so many different types available.

With so many different types of varnish available that work in such a variety of ways, it is always best to consult a professional for advice if you are a novice in using varnish. I recommend the online customer review sites as well because you can sometimes find blatantly honest comments pertaining to the type of job you are doing. Comments can be good or bad but are to be stated tastefully since the sole purpose of the sites is to inform consumers of experiences with various products. You can also get some great ideas for future projects from viewing consumer review sites.

Now you are armed with basic information to help you choose the varnish type you would like for the particular job you are doing. Remember to check the containers to ensure they are for interior or exterior use, and to be sure you are purchasing the varnish that provides the type of finish (matte, semi, or shiny) you are hoping to achieve. Take your time applying your varnish. You also want to take safety precautions in providing adequate air ventilation and wearing protective clothing while doing your work. With a little patience and time you are well on your way to a nicely varnished piece or project. Good luck, and happy varnishing.