How to Get Over Your Dating Anxieties

How to Get Over Your Dating Anxieties

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The dating experience is so amusing. It is one way in which you can meet someone who can be your future partner. However, dating anxieties are very hard to resist.

Dating anxiety is a common thing for both men and women. This can be felt especially before blind dates and the first few dates. Dating anxiety is sometimes caused by the fact that you are uncertain of what to expect during the dates. This is the time when you have so many unanswered questions. You tend to worry about some things that actually should not be worried about at all. Indeed, dating can sometimes be a nerve-racking situation.


The problem is ten times worse if you’re a nerd and studious type who has virtually no knowledge of girls and are completely immersed in your books, which in any case will make you feel awkward with girls and so dating becomes out of the question in this regard. Girls look for macho men with a lot of charm and confidence to their personality.

However, you need not to worry anymore because there are some ways on how to withstand and beat a dating anxiety. One way to withstand and manage a dating anxiety is to admit it. Try to be honest with your date. After all, your anxieties would be very obvious because of some signs. These signs may be the shaking of your hands, excessive sweating, and bluish face. So, just explain to your date why you are so nervous. In the end, if your date is worth it, then he or she will just comfort and make you feel at ease. Furthermore, try to inhale and exhale or simply, never ever forget to breathe freely. This may sound so absurd but this is definitely true. It is because when you are really nervous, there is a tendency that your heart beats faster and your pulse pounds erratic. Hence, you should calm down and take a long deep breath. Or you can also excuse yourself if you think that you are really having a hard time to breathe. In this way, you can surely get some fresh air even for a few minutes only. But again, you have to explain to your date if what actually happened. Also, you don’t have to condemn yourself if ever something bad happened due to your date anxieties. You just always have to remember that everything happens for a reason. If your date turned out so bad, then maybe your date is not really the one for you. Just try to be optimistic. After all, if your date is really into you, then he or she will understand your situation in the best way possible. Hence, there is no need for you to be pessimistic. Just be relaxed and enjoy the moment of your life. Moreover, never be too harsh on yourself. Who cares if you commit mistakes and some shortcomings? All people do commit foibles as well. One very good thing to do is to never dwell on that negative sides and scenarios. You just have to enjoy yourself and enjoy your date!

Indeed, dating may sound so easy but sometimes anxieties associated with it make it very difficult. However, you should not weep for there are ways on how to withstand and mange whatever anxieties that you may encounter during your date. Never put too much pressure on yourself. After all, the keyword to every date is to enjoy.