Improve the Value and Livability of Your Home with Energy Efficient Windows

Improve the Value and Livability of Your Home with Energy Efficient Windows

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Home improvements are a solid way to increase the value of a home while at the same time making it more livable. Improving the energy efficiency of older homes can also help to save money on utilities.

Replacing windows is one way you can improve your home overall. Replacing old single pane windows or aluminum or steel windows can have a significant effect on the comfort level of the home and increase energy efficiency. Old windows are a primary cause of the increase in cost of heating and cooling your home.

The Savings you will receive over time on cooling and heating costs will far outweigh the upfront cost you incur from having new, efficient windows installed. You will be surprised at the effect on your utilities bill that the installation of new energy efficient windows will have. The added benefit of having new windows installed is that it makes your house look more modern, improves the look of your interior decor and increases the overall value of your home.

Older, less efficient windows have a low insulating value. Newer windows use the latest technology for better seals on thermally efficient duo or triple pane glass units, insulating your home from the extremes of both hot and cold. If you live in an older home, you may be losing energy through your window frames. Old wooden frames around windows can have gaps that leak, permitting air to travel in and out of the house, costing you money. Upgrading to energy saving windows will replace those faulty frames and ensure your home is sealed and insulated.

Even if you own a home with steel or aluminum window frames, you still may be losing energy. Aluminum and steel are excellent conductors of heat and cold, bleeding your internal environment to the outside. The use of modern materials in window frame technology has made windows very efficient by reducing the conduction of heat and cold.

Replacement windows are available in a variety of materials. Woodclad windows offer the interior beauty of wood that can be stained or painted while still providing a low conductivity and low maintenance exterior cladding of vinyl or fiberglass. Vinyl windows offer a low cost and low maintenance option for replacing your windows and are extremely energy efficient.

Glass options are available on most windows. Tinted glass offers the benefit of sunglasses on your view, eliminating harsh glare, but are not necessarily more energy efficient. Low-E glass is far less noticeable compared to tinted glass and provides tremendous benefit to homes in colder climates. A coating of silver oxide is added to the interior of a glass unit that reflects heat generated in the home back into the home. It has the added benefit of blocking some ultraviolet light from entering the home, decreasing the amount of sun damage to carpets and other materials.

When you shop for new replacement windows, visit several home improvement showrooms to determine the style and features you prefer. Windows should open and close easily and have a safe and secure locking mechanism that is easy to use. Operate the windows in the showroom as you would at home; you do not want any surprises once your new windows are installed. Check each window brand and style for energy efficient ratings and certification. Read over the warranty carefully before you purchase to understand all the details and policies. Replacement windows are an investment in your home. Take the time to become knowledgeable and informed so that you can make decisions based on the needs of your house and your budget.

If you want to improve the value and livability of your home, think about replacing your old windows with new energy efficient windows. You’ll enjoy the benefit of a modern look and feel to your home while saving money on your utility bills over time. New replacement windows offer many advances in window frame and glass technology and a wide range of options that enable you to find efficient windows that are within your budget.

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