Improve Your Gameplay: DOTA 2

Improve Your Gameplay: DOTA 2

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DOTA 2 is one of the most popular games these days, with millions of players competing in this game on a daily basis. However, the veteran players always have an edge over newbies because of the level and experience. This is where you will find that using dota 2 mmr boost can significantly lower this gap. However, once you are at a certain level, you might have to start investing your time in the game.

As you prepare yourself for this intense game where you fight with other players here are the best tips that you can follow in order to improve your gameplay.

  1. One of the most important aspects of this game is that you pay attention to the place where you ward and what location will give you strategic advantage against your opponent. For that, all you need is some experience in the game and you will be able to decide the best location in the game.
    Placing the ward at certain locations will also help you in making the best out of your strategy and is going to support your players as well with their battles and with item collection.
    There are basically four spots that you where you can place your ward effectively.
    There are orange spots that you can use in order to effectively block creek camps in the game, while red spots are effective in providing you rune vision. Purple spots are the most common spots that are used for practice, and lastly, green spots are useful with base vision as you move to higher ground.
    Positioning these ward effectively will help you in playing the game aggressively or defensively whatever suits your fighting style.
  2. The main difference between noobs and professional players is that they have the knowledge of their opponent’s moves and items and they plan their future strategies accordingly. This give them a clear edge over their opponents and help them in winning the game.
    This implies that you should also learn about all the moves that are there in the game which will help you in predicting the movement and action of your opponent. This will ultimately help you in planning your counter attack and outsmart your opponents in the game.
  3. Runes are often ignored by most of the players, but with the latest update you should be checking out runes as much as you can. There are quick runes that are spawned after every 2 minutes and you should use that to your advantage only. Conquering these runes will help you in gaining special powers and will help you with your battle as you get power-ups and special boosts.
  4. As you are done with the collection of the item in your game, make sure that you keep the items that you will be using in the game while discarding all the other items that are of no use to you. Or else you can use them in that very instance if possible. It is a really good idea that you keep some space in your inventory so that you can store much better items.
  5. DOTA 2 is all about teamwork which is why it is recommended that you always communicate with your team members and pay attention to their activities as well. If you plan on attacking your opponent make sure that you have the very best battle plan. Moreover, you should try to attack your opponent alone no matter what powerups you have. Planning your attack with your team members will always give you the best results.
  6. As you play the game make sure that you gather as many items you can and level up your player accordingly. If you are in a situation where a battle is inevitable then you should plan it according to the hero you have so that you can maximize the damage and help your team as much as you can.
  7. Timing of your team fighting is also really important as you need all the members of your team are responsible for the victory. Make sure that you coordinate with your team members effectively and emerge victorious from your battle.
  8. Lastly, it is also important that you take care of the stats of your core hero. As there are stats that need time to regenerate and there are attacks that have cooldown time. Keeping an eye on all this will help you with the utilization of your hero effectively.

These are some of the best tips that you need to follow in order to improve your gameplay as you play DOTA 2 with your friends or with random online players.