Introducing LG Fusic Cell Phone: See if It Fits You

Introducing LG Fusic Cell Phone: See if It Fits You

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With so many different cell phones and features to choose from, it is a difficult task deciding which cell phone to go with. In my quest to buy the best phone for my dollar, I have bought the new LG Fusic from Sprint. Some other phones are available at as well.

The LG Fusic is not a phone for beginners to the realm of the cellular world. It comes with a plethora of features, including an MP3 player, FM transmitter, high speed internet capabilities, the ability to use your phone as a wireless internet connection on your laptop, and Bluetooth. I bought this phone mostly for the MP3 player with FM transmitter feature. However, I was a little dismayed to find out how difficult it was to use the feature.

Loading songs onto the LG Fusic is no problem. It comes with a micro sd card complete with an sd adapter to plug into a USB device for your computer. After that, it’s simply drag and drop. You can instantly play your MP3’s through the phone’s headphones, included with purchase. However, getting the songs to play in the FM transmitter is quite another story. The files need to be transferred into a folder called media in order to implement this feature. As it turns out, after speaking to a specialist, if your MP3 files have any kind of extension to them, they will not go into the media folder. The specialist at the store also said that the LG Fusic is very picky about what files it will accept into the media folder. I have also found that LG brand in particular is the worst for reception, while it’s competitors Sanyo and Samsung are at the top of the list in that category. LG is the top brand for features in a cellular phone, though. That is if you can figure out how to use them!

There are other things that I particularly like about the LG Fusic though. It comes with a few accessories included, unlike other brands where you have to buy them separately. It comes with 4 different colored face plates in blue, green, black, and pink. It also comes with headphones for the MP3 player. Also included in the box is a USB cable used to connect your phone to a laptop to use your phone as a wireless internet card. I didn’t like the included micro sd card though. It was nice of them to include it, along with the adaptor, but you can only fit about 10 songs on it. It makes more sense to purchase a card with more memory at the same time you purchase the phone.

A feature that I find useful but have not used yet is the voice command. In my previous Sprint phones, voice command was an extra add-on that you would pay extra for on your monthly bill. I will be setting this up soon. It will allow me to pull up a contact and dial the number by simply speaking the person’s name. That’s a great tool if you need to make a phone call while driving.

I also like the sleek design of the LG Fusic. Unlike most phones, the base color is white. The face plates that you receive with the phone only cover the top of the phone. White is a better color because scratches and nicks will not show up as easily as with other phones that come in black or other darker colors. It is a flip phone, but it is a bit bigger than most flip phones. We seem to have this craze for the smallest phone lately, but I prefer the bigger size of the Fusic. The buttons are bigger and easier to use when it comes to text messaging and the LCD screen is bigger as well.

Overall I am pleased with my purchase of the LG Fusic. Although I had difficulty figuring out the features of the phone and the instructions could be a bit more detailed and specific, it is still a nifty little gadget. Once one is able to actually figure out the functions of the phone, it is a great phone to have. I also blame my lack of ingenuity with this phone partly to the fact that I have had significantly less complicated phones in the past that did not have the capacity for the features that I now have with the LG Fusic. I would most likely recommend this phone to anyone, as long as they are not a techno-phobe and have some savvy in the realm of today’s technological advances.