Kate Hudson Has Plastic Surgery, Why?

Kate Hudson Has Plastic Surgery, Why?

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Kate Hudson allegedly has had plastic surgery to enhance her chest region, according to an exclusive on Us Weekly. Hudson had a “small augmentation” in late March and a picture of her in Miami on April 9th looks like she’s had something done to her boobs.
In 2002, Hudson admitted she liked having “small boobs” as she can still fit into revealing necklines and still look elegant. Us Weekly comments that apparently she’s had a change of heart.

Breast augmentation with implants is quite prevalent in Hollywood with numerous actresses opting for it.

Culture of Appearance

Hollywood and celebrity stardom has not been kind to everyone who wants to make it big as a star. Whether it’s Judy Garland’s pressure to use drugs that eventually led to her unfortunately suicide to the tragic death of Michael Jackson because of his sleeping difficulties, the pressure to succeed in our modern society has led to someone who wants to please everyone when the only one not pleased is the celebrity him or herself. In a culture where stars need to feel good by pleasing fans why don’t they think about what’s best for them?

Kanye West’s mother died after having plastic surgery even though the procedure was “routine.” It is sad when someone believes that their self-worth is dependent upon how other people view them. The problem also may stem from people close to the celebrity commenting that they would look better if certain procedures are done to them to enhance physical beauty.

Wanting to be physically beautiful is nothing new to our society. Chinese footbinding was considered beautiful even though the natural shape of the foot was badly disfigured. A tribe in Thailand uses metal rings to elongate the necks of women throughout their lives. Ancient customs have told us for generations that we need to alter the physical appearance of our bodies to be someone.

Famous Surgeries

From nose jobs to overly done breasts and even male enhancement, some surgeries look downright painful and gaudy. Overly done celebrities include the late Michael Jackson who completely altered his face and fish lips lady Lisa Rinna who was fired from the TV Guide Channel in the summer of 2009. Even Meg Ryan’s lip jobs ruined her impression for me from her cute and cuddly days on Sleepless in Seattle to her.

I applaud celebrities such as Rachel Wiesz, who is already naturally gorgeous and a great actress, who feel as if they don’t need plastic surgery to be beautiful. She should be the example for women and girls to look up to in Hollywood. Promoting a healthy self-image and self-worth is needed more than ever in the age of cyber-bullying, text message break ups, and teenage girls who have a lot of pressure to look like those they look up to.