Key Points to Remember Before Buying Designer Sofa Cover

Key Points to Remember Before Buying Designer Sofa Cover

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Owing and decorating the home is everyone’s dream. Gone are the days, when people use to keep simple Wooden Chairs and Diwan set in living room. With market getting modern, everyone wants living room to be the center of attraction.

Constantly used and giving an aesthetic appeal to living room, the upmost is The Sofa. Be it an ottoman, armchair, loveseat or modular sofa, the regular use will result in wear and tear, so no matter if your sofa is brand new or ancestral, an elegant sofa cover adds life to it.

A sofa cover not only protects sofa from grime, grease or stains but also from dust and dirt.

If you are planning to re-decorate your living room and have decided on some designer sofa cover, then read below some interesting facts on designer sofa covers.

Designer sofa covers are also made with the same fabric as of local and are stitched in export houses. It’s just the label that matters and the price tag that gives an important effect.

Market is full of numerous designs and material type varying of silk, viscose, cotton, satin, canvas and magic sofa covers, that not only protects your sofa, but also helps the stains vanish with just a wipe.

You can browse sofa covers to that fit in your budget and look classy at the same time.

There are customized and ready-made covers available that are replica to designer covers leaving the same effect in least cost. Ready-made covers need extra fitting and tucking when compared to customized, as they are tailor made according to size and fit of sofa.

So, before you purchase a cover, measure the length of your sofa, as an extra inch might look odd. Also select the wrinkle free cloth for long lasting effect.

You can choose the fabric according to your budget as few material. Few materials only needs machine-wash and others need dry-cleaning.

Avoid opting for a heavy duty thick fabric for your furniture, as it will be difficult to clean and won’t form an appropriate shape. Choose microfiber fabric or polyester, which is easy to maintain and gives nice fit to sofa.

Along with material, don’t forget to choose prints over plain. Look thoroughly for a print that will mix well with wall color and room décor. Moreover, plain material gets dirty easily, hence avoid purchasing it.

And if you only want a designer sofa cover, don’t forget to do market research to check the reviews about the designer, product and material used. No matter who the designer is, make a personal visit to their store. Have a look on the product, check the material quality, size and print, whether it will suit your sofa or not.

Make sure to invest in something that will last longer and have more durability.