Money Saving Tips For Office Furniture

Money Saving Tips For Office Furniture

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An office, including a home-office, is incomplete without office furniture. It could be that you have just started your office and hence lean on budget. But still, you can’t run your office without some bare minimum office furnishing. Nobody is saying you have to invest in reception lounge sofas immediately. But at least you have to get desks and chairs for yourself and employees. Don’t worry, the post below offers some pro tips on getting quality office furniture without shelling out a small fortune.

Chalk out a list

First, you must make a roster of the bare essential furniture items that you must get for your office immediately. One of the main reasons behind overspending on office furniture is lack of knowledge on what exactly you need to buy. When you have a well thought-out curated list before you, you will have a concise idea on what to buy and what to not immediately. The list will keep you focused only on the must-have items and prevent any risk of overspending. If any of your friends or family members is running his office for a while, you may ask for suggestions for the list. You may also ask your core employees for inputs.

Get a comparative study

There is no dearth of stores that sell office furniture. But not all would be compatible for you. The primary task here is to get a comparison study on at least 4-5 stores before you make the final decision. The one you choose should be backed by a solid reputation and long list of happy customers. Stores with strong reputation usually guarantee premium quality to live up to their great market impression. Your chosen store must also promise reasonably priced items.

One of the best advantages of comparative market study is access to multiple quotes. The second store you study may offer you a lower quote than the first one.

Check online

Online furniture stores usually charge lower rates compared to brick and mortar stores as these portals don’t have to pay overhead costs compared to the physical ones. But here too a comparative study is must. Also look for a site that offers try & buy and return & refund guarantee. It will assure that you will always get a refund if your new chair does not seem to be sturdy enough from the first use only. You may check out various ranges of office furniture from

Buy in bulk

This is another great tip to save money on office furniture and on shipping costs. Shipping fees can be a burden if you buy your chairs or tables individually. It would be better to buy things in bulk as large orders don’t usually incur shipping costs. Besides, bulk orders often receive discounts. If your chosen online site does not have 10 chairs in stock, notify the retailer about your required quantity beforehand. A trusted online retailer will always pay heed to customers’ wants and stock accordingly. The only thing is that you will have to wait for a while.

Buy pre-owned furniture

If you want to save money on office furniture, look for quality pre-owned furniture. See, if any of your relatives or friends wants to sell off an old yet working furniture. You may even get a discount on the selling price given your acquaintance with the person. Otherwise, you can also search online for pre-owned furniture. Just make sure to check the quality of a second-hand furniture before buying it.

Consider package

Some furniture companies sell packages comprising of a set of office furniture. If you need a complete bare essential furniture set for your new office, you may consider these packages. Such packages cost way less compared to buying each furniture individually.