Most Efficient Anti Vibration Products For Fasteners

Most Efficient Anti Vibration Products For Fasteners

Due to fast vibrations in industrial machines, they are prone to get dysfunctional quickly due to their joints getting loose from the fasteners. The joints of machinery should be fitted together tightly and to prevent them from getting loose something needs to be done. To prevent the fastener from getting loose is to protect them from fast vibrations. The most effective products to keep joints intact are Mechanical washers and adhesive products. The most effective way to prolong the life of industrial machinery is by employing an anti vibration method. In this method, a wide range of torsion bushes, vibration and shock management products are used.

How vibrations affect machinery

Vibrations cause small transverse movements that move the two section of joints in parallel with each other. The vibrating movement causes the bolt to separate from the mating thread and the joints lose its clamp force resulting in dysfunction of the machinery.

Products included in the anti vibration method

From long time washers, adhesives, and locking patches are commonly used to keep the fasteners tight and in-place. Mechanical washers and anaerobic washers are more effective than the others. The vibrations can even cause the slippage which can result in the loosening of the bolts.

Analysis of anti vibration method

To check the effectiveness of the anti-vibration method it was put to a tough test. The products were vibrated on a frequency higher than normal frequency range and they withstood the extreme conditions to pass the test. The product withstood the extreme condition so they will surely perform better in real-life situations as it is known that the solutions that perform well in an accelerated environment, surely do well in the normal set-up. The result was decided based on the criteria are the rate at which the fasteners start to loose was considered, the total number of the fasteners that got loose was observed after the vibration test. The number was recorded for reference.

Result of the analysis

In the result of the analysis it was found that the most effective solutions to keep the fasteners tight are:

  • Anaerobic adhesives: The liquid anaerobic adhesive with a high locking power is Loctite 2760 adhesive. It was found that after a 72 hour cure period ( the time given to the adhesive to strongly bind to the surface) the test was taken place and out of 30 fasteners, only 2 came off loose. Overall, this performance is considered very good. The Loctite 2760 adhesive was the best among all the products tested.
  • Mechanical washers: The mechanical washer were tested and out of 20 fastener none of them got loose. Mechanical washers are an excellent choice and are found to be most effective.

Advantages of using anti-vibration products in fasteners

Industrial Machinery is prone to get dysfunctional due to the harsh vibrations it faces. These vibrations make the fasteners loosen from their joins increases the risk of faults. The advantages of using anti-vibrational products in fasteners are that it keeps the fasteners in place and prevents them from unwinding and thus prolongs the life of machinery.

The anti-vibration products such as anaerobic adhesives and mechanical washers can prevent a head-ache from loose bolts and fasteners for a long time. It can also add life to your machinery.