Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal

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Are you having problems with unwanted hair? This has been an age long problem with both men and women although women are the most affected with it. Have you been constantly thinking about visiting my ethos spa skin center medical spa health and beauty? It can be the cause of too much frustration. There are indeed many ways to get rid of unwanted hair like waxing, shaving, plucking, laser and electrolysis most of which entails pain. Most of these methods are temporary and some of it eventually leads to permanent hair removal.

There are lots of modern technologies now that helps reduce unwanted hair growth but not get rid of it permanently. It can be very difficult for you to remove unwanted hairs especially in difficult parts of the body like the back. In this case one would wish to undergo a method that would eventually eliminate this unwanted hair. By advance methods you can choose to get rid of unwanted hairs almost permanently and with so much convenience.

Permanent hair removal can be done in several ways but the most common method is electrolysis. This method makes use of a light ray that point to the hair follicle, damaging it causing hair to stop growing. Another way is through laser treatment. It does not assure you of permanent hair removal but what it does is it reduces its hair growth over a long period of time and might just lead in getting rid of unwanted hairs permanently. For laser treatment to be effective it depends on the strong contrast between your hair color and your skin. It will work best in dark hairs with pail skin or dark skin with light hairs.

Of course there are temporary methods that you can do like waxing which is the one that is commonly use now but then again waxing is quite messy and painful, shaving can irritate your skin and gives you stubbles and plucking really hurts so why suffer all this when you can take advantage of a method that will result to a permanent elimination of unwanted hairs? It might be a bit expensive but you can save a lot with it in a long run since you will be free of unwanted hairs forever.

A permanent hair removal is definitely a much better option than any other methods. It completely destroys the hair follicle thus prevents re-growth so you never have to shave, pluck, wax or use depilatory creams anymore. There is one method though for permanent hair removal that is the at home electrolysis. Here the process involves an ultra thin metal probe which is inserted at the hair follicle. These damages the hair follicle thus stops growing of hair. This home electrolysis costs around $40 to $50, just make sure to choose the model that uses a probe to ensure permanent hair removal.