Planning an American Idol Theme Birthday Party

Planning an American Idol Theme Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party soon? Why not consider an “American Idol” themed birthday celebration! The popular television show would make a fantastic theme – everyone wants to get on the stage and be adored by a crowd! Give them the chance with this fun birthday party!


Ask your guests to dress as up in their wildest flashiest get up for the audition. You can even include a list of songs for theme to learn to sing at the party – or even a CD or Tape of the songs for them to listen and learn with!


Post pictures of the judges from the show all over the room as well as shots from the show. A quick search on the Internet can yield many interesting pictures to print out on your printer at home.

Hang paper microphones, music notes and records (or Cd’s for the younger crowd!) from the ceiling with fishing line. has a great selection of decorations including a personalized banner you can order with the birthday boy or girls name on it!

Party Games

Depending on the age of the guests you can add other games by altering some favorites to fit the American Idol theme. For younger children “pin the tail on the donkey” can be substituted with “pin the microphone on Jordin Sparks” (or YOUR favorite Idol winner!) get a cheap poster and make a paper microphone. Then blindfold a guest, spin them around, and pin away!

Also, you can play the chit game as well where you list out all the names on a piece of paper and place it in the bowl and the one whose name is taken out gets to choose a song to entertain the audience. Due to the theme being American idol, you can replace the regular features of a birthday party with the ones related to the singing contest, something akin to, say, balloon sculpting Singapore, which is famous for sculpture related themes that involves balloons.

You can even make a pinata and paste a picture of Simon on it. Now who wouldn’t LOVE to swing at a plain square pinata (think sponge bob square pants shaped) with a printed picture of Simon on it!? Good times, Good times.

If you have a lot of die hard fans who are faithful watchers of American Idol you can make up some trivia questions ahead of time and see who knows the most about the show.

Favors and Gifts

They will be most appreciated if they also match the Idol theme. Make up a certificate that looks like the yellow paper contestants on the show get when they are chosen to go to Hollywood. Make a big deal of awarding each guest a certificate after each audition. It can be just a plain certificate or it can contain a few fast food dollars good at a local burger joint. Use your imagination and come up with something fun!

The Birthday Cake

The cake can be as plain or as simple as you like. A copy of the certificate that allows you to go to Hollywood would be fun and easy to put on top of a cake! It can be anything to do with music really. If you prefer cupcakes they can be decorated as simply as just putting music notes on them. Take a trip to your local card and party shop – you can find some interesting “picks” there!

Plates, Napkins, Silverware and Hats

A music theme would delight the younger crowd. has a huge selection of American idol themed plates and decorations that would be perfect! also has a huge supply of ready made American Idol party supplies, decoration’s, and novelties.